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Politicians condemned
Posted: Friday, July 28, 2023

Politicians condemned for not paying respects to 1990 coup victims
Former hostage during the July 27, 1990, attempted coup Wendell Eversley chastised politicians for failing to pay their respects to those who fell during the insurrection.

I hope justice for mom is served
'A bittersweet day', says daughter of clerk killed in 1990 attempted coup:

Activist: 1990 attempted coup victims should be compensated
Activist and former coup hostage Wendell Eversley cried shame on politicians for their lax recognition of the events that surrounded the 1990 coup.

PM Rowley labels ethics council 'biased'
... Chairman Dr Ragoonath rubbishes claim

PM shocked over criminals in politics

Kamla: Rowley knows criminals calling shots behind bars and yet doing nothing about it
This follows Dr Keith Rowley's revelation on the TV6 Morning Edition on Thursday, in which he said the criminals who are already locked up are the ones calling the shots and are responsible for the murder and mayhem taking place in the country.

PM: No holiday for World Steelpan Day

Farley: We're protected by Assembly privileges
Speaking on TV6's Morning Edition programme yesterday, Rowley announced he had issued a pre-action protocol letter to whistleblower Akil Abdullah for the "monstrous lie" he made against him.

Responding yesterday, Augustine said Section 70 of the THA Act "clearly" indicated anything shared in the House, even if it was at a committee of the House meeting, received protection.

PM seeks apology, costs from whistleblower
Abdullah has alleged the PM was part of a conspiracy to discredit Tobago House of Assembly (THA) Chief Secretary Farley Augustine and the THA administration. The alleged conspiracy included bribing Abdullah to swear a false declaration.

Augustine: PM's pre-action protocol letter is an attempt to scare whistleblower away

T&T can lead regional wind energy charge

Hosay back in full force tonight
Hosay is the annual Muslim commemoration of the martyrdom of the Prophet Mohammed's grandsons, Hassan and Hussein, at the Battle of Kerbala in Persia.

Mayaro honours Hunters Search and Rescue team for exemplary work

July has been blistering hot
... scientists already calculate that it's the warmest month on record

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