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Procurement bill passed
Posted: Saturday, July 22, 2023

Procurement bill passed: 4 Independents give support
Among the nine Independent senators, four voted in favour of the Bill—Senators Anthony Vieira, Amrita Deonarine, Charrise Seepersad and Dr Maria Dillon-Remy; two Independent senators voted against the Bill— Deoroop Teemal and Hazel Thompson-Ahye (along with the six Opposition senators); while Paul Richards, Dr Varma Deyalsingh and Evans Welch abstained.

But the Government had to make concessions by way of amendments in order to get the support of some members of the Independent Bench, recognising that it needed at least one Independent vote or abstention to get home.

Jack is back with UNC ... to join Kamla, Gary on political stage Monday

Rastas to celebrate Haile Selassie's birthday Sunday: 'Come and see the light'

Watchman plunges 1000 feet to death in a tractor
Ramnath was employed as a watchman at H Dookeran Quarry located at Guaracara Quarry Road, Williamsville.

Reports indicate that around 9 am on Thursday, quarry owner Harripaul Dookeran, 69, gave Ramnath permission to operate a D64 Caterpillar tractor.

Ramnath was assigned to clear out an area of yellow lime stones on the eastern side of the quarry.

Legal threat to end 'unfair policy'
Transplant Unit blocks Venezuelan from giving kidney to ailing Trini husband...

Vendor threatens to sue State over refusal to allow Venezuelan wife to give him kidney

Woman found dead in Carenage identified
Police said residents of L'Anse Mitan, Carenage, were asleep when they heard noises outside their home at around 7.20 am.

One woman checked outside shortly after and saw the body of Leean Slater, lying face down in a puddle.

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