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Too little $$ too late
Posted: Wednesday, July 19, 2023

TTUTA: Too little $$ too late from Education Ministry for schools
WHILE he does not agree with the donations sought when new students are registered, TTUTA's president Martin Lum Kin has said without fundraisers, including donations from parents, schools would not be able to function properly.

'Govt has to do what it has to do'
The water crisis in which 250,000 people were without water one week ago would have lasted for months if the Government had not bypassed the procurement procedure outlined in the procurement act.

So said Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday as he sought to justify the adjustments to the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Act, which are to be debated in the House of Representatives, at the Red House, Port of Spain, today.

Tell public how much money spent in controversial exemption–Hamel-Smith
"If our Government fails to make such disclosure, not only does it demonstrate that it holds the public in contempt, but this leads to the conclusion that what they are seeking to do is to cover up the very corruption that procurement law was intended to eradicate," he said.

A clause in the act allows the Finance Minister to issue an exemption order for urgent matters.

The Government will convene Parliament today to amend the legislation which came into law just three months ago.

$10,000 for a bracelet
The Electronic Monitoring law was first passed in 2012.

It however appears that the Electronic Monitoring Unit still has to be properly equipped to take on the expansive role that Commissioner of Police Erla Harewood-Christopher is recommending.

'POLITICAL TERRORISM' – Economist slams police raids at THA officials' homes

Young: TPHL still open to proposals for refinery

Carbon-free flights promised 'within two years'
AN aviation company plans to run commercial flights using an electric engine that creates no carbon emissions by 2025.

Trinidad and Tobago to have voting centre for Venezuelan opposition elections
The CNP said 311,324 Venezuelan citizens abroad were successfully validated and will be able to vote in the 81 cities around the world designated as voting centres. The US has the highest number of registered overseas voters (64,834). TT ranked 20th.

She never wore shoes
They all found peace here. They share a common space, eat well, are taken to their out-patient clinic appointments, and those well enough go on excursions to the beach and movies.

The Ogeers became their family. Out of the 22 people at the home, 18 never had a visit from a friend or relative.

Former top CoP's nephew gets bail for murder charge
Marcus Jacob, the nephew of former acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob, was granted $800,000 bail on eight charges, including the murder of former police officer Syed Mohammed.

Woman accused of chopping man's hand taken to safe house
THE woman accused of chopping off the hand of an elderly male relative has been released from custody without any charges being laid thus far.

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