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Posted: Sunday, July 16, 2023

Top cop suggests crime solution: electronic ankle bracelets for repeat criminal offenders

CoP speaks out as murder count crosses 300

Deadly home invasions
New TTPS unit making arrests

Brinsley's seven-year heartbreak
"We should honour his life, his love and his work by returning to this model project. I'm taking this opportunity to appeal again to the Government of all the peoples of Trinidad and Tobago to make a priority of finishing what he started, by moving to establish a Brinsley Samaroo National Sugar Museum," he said.

The culture change of elected aldermen
Last Wednesday, the EBC published on their website the full list of all aldermen nominated by all of the political parties contesting the Local Government election in Trinidad on Monday, August 14. The publication of these lists will provide the general public with a level of transparency about who their likely aldermen could be in the areas where they reside.

Before 2013, one would only know who the aldermen would be when they turned up on the day of swearing in councillors in each corporation and depending on which party controlled those corporations, the parties would decide whom they would nominate as aldermen.

T&T citizenship for boy returned from Isis
Peters admitted that she broke down in tears at her Maloney home on Thursday when Browne made the announcement during a humanitarian breakfast series. Her tears were mixed with anger, hurt and disappointment because she had struggled for months to get Jason the education he rightly deserved.

Born in Syria in 2015, Jason was repatriated with his mother and sister from Turkey seven years ago. At that time, he was just one year old.

The poisoned well
Martin Daly

Man's hand severed during 'iron chair attack
She said the woman was beaten two years ago with a broom handle, rendered unconscious, and spent time in the hospital. She took out a restraining order against the man. The woman, who has been married for the past 40 years, said for most of that time she faced abuse.

The woman said she will leave the house, should the man return from the hospital.

A matter is pending before the court concerning abuse allegations, and the woman said he breached the restraining order by hitting her.

Woman, 20, chopped off man's hand defending female relative

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