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Egregious exemptions–Afra
Posted: Saturday, July 15, 2023

Egregious exemptions–Afra
In a letter to the editor, Raymond said the compelling and inescapable issue was that "the Finance Minister knew of the typo in the text and took full advantage of it in a manner which is unbecoming and, in my view, quite contrary to his oath of office."

Describing the exemptions as egregious, he said, "We should all remain alert as these are just a few of the bizarre convulsions from players who are accustomed to the lights being off, or at least suitably dimmed."

PM: If we don't amend the law, it will grind the Govt to a halt

Camille and Kamla clash
The Government has brought amendments which, among other things, would validate the actions taken by Minister of Finance Colm Imbert when he issued two Exemption Orders allowing the procurement of goods and services for the Judiciary and for the State in respect of visits by foreign dignitaries and heads without bringing the matter for approval by Parliament.

The Public Procurement and Public Disposal of Property (Amendment and Validation) bill is also proposing to amend the Act to allow the procurement of goods and services of up to $1 million to be exempt from the provisions and requirements set out in the Act.

...PM: 'Sensible' changes coming to law

School, don't ask for contributions
Similar complaints also came from parents across the country that schools were asking from 2,000 to $4,500 to cover expenses, including registration, insurance, parent-teacher association, physical education, lab materials and security.

Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly also said in an interview with the Express that "Government and Government-assisted schools are prohibited from manda­ting parents to pay registration fees".

Ministry orders principals to stop seeking financial contributions with immediate effect

CoP breaks silence: Gang instability fueling murder rate

Criminals and state contracts
It defies logic that these gangsters, who have in the past been erroneously portrayed as "community leaders", still have access to short-term public works employment projects and are therefore able to divert millions of dollars worth of state funds to support their illicit operations.

Police Commissioner Erla Harewood-Christopher and at least two of her predecessors at the helm of the T&T Police Service (TTPS) have launched anti-gang exercises but have had little or no success breaking their stranglehold in several parts of the country. If anything, the situation is getting worse as evidenced by the murder count, which raced past 300 this week and, at the current rate, will surpass the horrific 605 record of 2022.

Tributes flow for 'Brinz'
Prof Brinsley Samaroo — April 14, 1940 to July 9, 2023

Guns in barrel: Customs seizes over $300K in firearms at PoS Port
According to reports, around 12:15pm customs officers were conducting routine examinations of a barrel when they discovered the items.

These include: one Mossberg shotgun, one Glock 19 pistol, 5 Taurus, 1 Ruger and 1 M4 Crossman rifle.

Two dead in Arima in 'gang-related' shooting
Two men were gunned down in Arima on Thursday night in what police said was a gang-related attack.

Police said Reuben "Beaver" or "Tallman" Jones, 40, of Mendez Trace, Samaroo Village, Arima, and Rawson "Boyo" Arcia, also 40, of Building 4, Trou Macaque Road, Laventille were killed while liming at Jones's house.

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