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Brinsley's dream
Posted: Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Brinsley's dream
But there was a visionary project that Samaroo spent seven years leading and lobbying for that he never had the chance to complete. It was, said his confidants, his greatest professional disappointment.

Months-old Procurement Act to change COLM BACKTRACKS ON LAW
Former president of the Joint Consultative Council (JCC) Afra Raymond said the legislation already allows for emergency exemptions, subject to a strict timetable for reporting the contracts, spending and outcomes to the office of the procurement regulator.

Asked if the law in its current form was impractical, Raymond said: "Not at all. The act is a long-overdue measure to protect the interests of all citizens, especially those silenced by their marginal status or the fact that they are not yet present ie our children and grandchildren.

Unexpected obstacles
Imbert calls for amendment of procurement legislation...

Imbert: T&T records $600m surplus in May
Following the 2023 budget presentation Imbert said that with revenues of $56.175 billion and expenditures of $57.685 billion this country's deficit was estimated to be around $1.510 billion.

In May, Imbert requested a further $3.85 billion in supplementary funding.

But things have been looking up Imbert said.

Only $9m or less' spent to host Caricom event

Health Minister announces 1st Monkeypox case in T&T
Exactly two months after the World Health Organization (WHO) downgraded Monkeypox (mpox) from a Public Health Emergency of International Concern, the Ministry of Health detected the first case of the virus yesterday in T&T.

CoP blanks media's questions on climbing murder toll

'Look what happened to me mum' - Boy, 12, dies from knife wound
A report stated that hospital officials contacted the Princes Town CID, saying that a 12-year-old boy was taken to the health facility at around 7.08pm with a chop wound to the neck and unresponsive.

Tragic end for 12 year old; boy dies after falling on knife
Investigators believe he accidentally fell onto a knife he used to cut coconut at the back of his home that evening and severed a vein. A medical report showed Tariq suffered a three-centimetre-long puncture wound, approximately eight centimetres deep on the right side of the neck.

State claims mistaken identity led to triple killing
...Says Duncan's boyfriend the real target

Judge awards man $58,000 for licks in prison on birthday
A man living in east Port-of-Spain, who was beaten by prison officers on the eve of his 28th birthday while serving a sentence at the Port-of-Spain State Prison, has been awarded $58,000 in compensation.

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