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Posted: Tuesday, July 4, 2023

UN secretary general calls for action as crises worsen CARICOM MUST HELP HAITI

Regional organisation has proved 'doomsayers and naysayers wrong'

PM tells regional leaders: Caricom is making a difference

US criticised for 'bullying' China

Over 11,000 students pass SEA, grades up
According to the Ministry of Education (MoE), 11,015 students passed the test out of the 18,797 who wrote mathematics, creative writing and language arts. Close to 400 of those students scored above 90 per cent while 2,547 students ranked below 30 per cent.

Last year, 5,306 students scored less than 30 per cent among the 19,079 who wrote the exam. That same year, 7,071 pupils obtained SEA success, marking a 37.06 per cent pass rate. In 2021, 10,259 of 19,544 students passed.

Nutrimix flour prices drop by 10 to 13%

Expecting strong tropical wave today
Met office yellow alert:

2 workers receiving 'tertiary medical care'
Following incident at Pt Lisas

Woman dies week after suspected suicide attempt in Arouca
The man said Andrews went to the bedroom, where she was seen with a bottle of liquid. She then returned to the living room and poured the contents on herself. It was then he recognised the scent of the liquid as kerosene.

The man said Andrews tried to strike a match and as he approached her she lit the match and set herself on fire. He told police he tried to put out the fire, then wrapped a towel around her, took her outside and began wetting her.

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