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PCA calls for inquest
Posted: Sunday, July 2, 2023

PCA calls for inquest into police killings
On the day of Isaiah's funeral, John said her grandson's body had to put in a closed coffin because his face had been shattered by a bullet. Isaiah was shot six times in his back and one bullet pierced his head and exited through his face.

Families wait for justice, year after 3 die in police shooting
July 2, 2022, for most was just another busy Saturday, but for three families, that day was a nightmare the wish they could wake from.

While on their way to Beetham Gardens, three people, two teens and an adult were killed by police in an alleged shootout.

TTPS: Bank customers robbed of more than $1m
More than $580,000 was stolen in 18 incidents this year, while $509,245 was stolen in 25 incidents for 2022, totalling more than $1.06 million. In ten separate incidents, people were robbed of $50,000 or more.

Judicial musical chairs
The belated discovery of conflicts by some of the most senior jurists in the land and the fact that a high-profile case involving allegations of wrongdoing in public life must now be placed before a third set of judges do not augur well for the administration of justice.

Overhaul legal unit in AG's office–Justice John at end of missing file probe
The overhaul, John said, would avoid any recurrence of missing files. It will entail digitalising most of the work and getting rid of the paper.

It is also a bid to strengthen the AGLA given the volume of litigation it now faces.

Attorneys urge AG: Make report on 'missing murder case file' public

Croft sad, Mahabir, Khan not surprised; WI fail to reach W/Cup

Calypsonian, ska, rocksteady artiste, Lord Creator, has died
Lord Creator, who was born in Trinidad in 1935, migrated to Jamaica in the 1960s after scoring several hits such as 'Evening News' in Trinidad.

He started doing ska and rocksteady music and gained national attention after releasing the song 'Independent', which celebrated Jamaica's independence from Britain in 1962.

'Poor, horrible, insulting' service
WEEKS away from the local government election, residents of Siparia and environs are saying "vote for what?' and "waste of time'.

Vaneisa: Municipal Corporations matter; the importance of Local Gov't

Paria tragedy sparks widow's desire to help others through politics

Mother after rescue of autistic girl, 5: 'Is God, hunters who save my child'

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