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HSF recovered from 2022 decline
Posted: Thursday, June 15, 2023

HSF recovered from 2022 decline
Minister of Finance on T&T's sovereign wealth fund:

Economist tells Imbert: 'Outdated' stats were latest available on ministry's website

Cyber threats arise anywhere, anytime
"So this is our typical bank robbery. You still have that but now, guess what. People could rob a whole bank without being in the country. The bandits could be in Korea, the could be in Australia. They have a cyber attack the whole financial institution could be compromised."

Flood caution
Brace for more rain, residents warned

Don't take us for fools!
Minority Leader, Duke criticise Farley's response to leaked audio:

Farley: I will be exonerated
THA leader responds to audio clip controversy

Integrity Commission probes audio tapes as Chief Sec promises response

Scripts for nine subjects missing from Jamaica school - CXC PAPERS STOLEN

Education Ministry reveals CSEC,CAPE papers security breach

Over 7000 students with special needs, Minister reveals
According Gadsby-Dolly revealed that the bulk of diagnoses came from pupils at the primary level which was 5,816.

Regarding intervention, the education minister said measures included targeted classroom support by the student aide, special education instructors and alternative strategies to parents and classroom teachers as required.

She also noted that from the academic year 2019/2019 to the period September 2022-April 2023, 4,501 students received treatment.

PEP forms alliance with new party
The People's Empowerment Party (PEP) has officially announced its intention to contest all 141 seats in the upcoming Local Government Elections. However, PEP leader Phillip Alexander says the party plans to form alliances with various support and action groups across Trinidad and Tobago, rather than facilitating coalitions with existing political parties.

Court fines ex-Inland Revenue cashier for misappropriating $1.5m
Irving was fined $300,000 for misbehaviour in public office and another $300,000 to cover the 13 money laundering charges. A payment plan of $5,000 a month for 120 months was approved by the judge. If she fails to pay, she will serve prison time as both fines carry a six-year default penalty.

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