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Local government management weak
Posted: Monday, June 12, 2023

PM: Local government management weak, needs transformation
He mentioned two instances to bolster his point. The first being a contractor in the Diego Martin borough who leading up to elections he stopped collection and was still paid. The other was a man who was incarcerated yet being paid by the corporation for over a year.

Dumas: Why is there no Chief Administrator in Tobago?
RETIRED head of the public service Reginald Dumas is calling on Deputy Chief Secretary Dr Faith BYisrael to clarify what she meant when she said at a function on Friday that Chief Secretary Farley Augustine has been "trying to deal with several emergencies" arising out of the absence of a Chief Administrator in the THA.

Humphrey 'considered easy prey'
BIRK HILLMAN CONSULTANTS, a local company and a local businessman "must really have considered Mr John Humphrey then Minister of Housing and Settlements easy prey", states the report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Piarco Airport Development Project.

PM to host media conference

Haynes: Govt failing pupils
Haynes said she recently asked for a written answer to a question in Parliament on the number of technical-vocational instructors currently employed with the Ministry of Education, and the number of vacant positions for such instructors as of April 30, 2023.

Heavy, incessant overnight showers lead to: Street flooding in south Trinidad

Fraud Squad probing claims Cunupia development built without approvals
According to the CBC and some residents of the development, the first two phases were constructed by the developers without the necessary approvals from the CBC or the Town and Country Planning Division of the Ministry of Planning and Development.

Bloodshed continues unabated: 6 MURDERS IN 2 DAYS
In the most recent incident, Quincy Gopaul and Isaiah Esom, both 24, were at a house on St Thomas Street, Tunapuna, at around 8.50 pm when a black Nissan X-Trail drove up to them and two masked gunmen got out.

The gunmen walked into the house and shot Gopaul and Esom several times before getting back in the X-Trail and driving off.

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