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Most will pay $45-$90/month
Posted: Sunday, June 4, 2023

Imbert: Most will pay $45-$90/month in property tax
FINANCE Minister Colm Imbert on Friday said lower-valued properties would incur a property tax of just $540 per year, while most middle-class home-owners would pay between $1,800 and $2,700 annually, speaking in the Senate on the Valuation of Land (Amendment) Bill 2023 which facilitates the enactment of the property tax.

Dillon-Remy: Implement property tax gradually
"I think it's a good idea for the corporations to be collecting the taxes, and I understand that they will also be receiving taxes from commercial, industrial, and agricultural categories. I'm concerned about corporations in rural areas, will they collect enough residential taxes to do the work they have to do? A lot of work has to be done by the corporation, so if they don't collect enough for the amount of work they have to do, you might not get the output you want, and government may have to supplement from the consolidated fund."

Monitoring Political Behaviour
Chairman Dr. Bishnu Ragoonath said the Council For Responsible Political Behaviour will focus primarily on the section on commitments and prohibited conduct, urging political parties to maintain the highest moral principles and ethical standards, promoting and enforcing respect, tolerance, harmony, and peace, refraining from practices that promote divisiveness, and upholding the integrity of the electoral process.

UWI $500M Debe campus still unoccupied
More than one year after the University of the West Indies (UWI) Debe campus closed its doors as a step-down facility for COVID-19 patients, the $500 million institution has remained vacant as plans to convert it to a medical learning facility have yet to materialise

More millions for local government, funding jumps by 200%
In 2021, the Government spent $138,805,850 million on local government services through the country's 14 corporations. In 2022, its spending increased by 125 per cent to $216,626,182 million. For fiscal 2023, the estimate was $389,284,000 million.

From humble beginnings to UN General Assembly
Francis a good example for T&T youth—Browne

Moonilal distances himself from PNM senator's 'paal' jibe at UNC senator

Car parts bust leads to flood of citizen tips

Raped, beaten at Heliport

Revenge porn victims powerless
Some victims were blackmailed, stalked and threatened by the members of the various Telegram, WhatsApp, MeWe, Discord and Twitter groups which are still functional, the Sunday Express understands.

The groups are currently at the of a constitutional motion filed by the Humanitarian Founda­tion for Positive Social Change (HFPSC), in an attempt to seek justice for victims of child pornography whose explicit images were shared within their forums.

Relatives of man killed by police: 'He admired policing'
"The family is in the dark we. It's like he is a stray dog. He was killed, taken away and no one can tell us where he is or what happened. And everybody in the Morvant Police Station telling me that that unit that was involved in the shooting don't have to answer to nobody."

2 Debe brothers released after beating third brother to death in 2005
Lutchmi told officers the night before the beating, Kassie was "cussing and carrying on," and on the night of the incident, he (Lutchmi) came home drunk and got "fed up," so he beat his brother. He also said on the morning after the incident the police let him go since Kassie said he did not want trouble with them.

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