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Just $3 a day
Posted: Saturday, June 3, 2023

PM: Just $3 a day
Property tax costs 'less than a dinner mint'

Tewarie hopes for 'better business conditions in neighbourhood'
On Monday, the Prime Minister said TT was suffering from collateral damage because of the US sanctions against Venezuela and encouraged people to see eastern Venezuela as a market for their goods and services as part of the Dragon gas deal.

Young calls for more talks with US, Venezuela on Dragon gas field

Duprey ordered to pay US$139m for bad Clico Energy deal
In September 2021, Rampersad reserved the issue of damages against Duprey in a complex lawsuit filed by CLF and its insurance subsidiary CLICO, over the sale of the lucrative energy assets in Process Energy (Trinidad) Ltd (PETL), made three days after the Government bailed out the companies in early 2009.

Rampersad ruled then that Duprey acted oppressively and unfairly and in a manner prejudicial to both companies' interests when he cut the deal to sell CLF and Clico's 51 per cent stake for a little over US$46.5 million.

Fraud squad cops warn: Land fraud on the rise
Smith said for the year thus far there have been 35 reports of land fraud with a total amount of $9,874,283.36 compared to last year's figure of $4,459,525.

She noted that fraudsters not only use forged documents from state agencies but sometimes posed as the legitimate property owners to lure potential victims.

'Offensive' Barry banned from TV, radio
Jaagriti takes action after warning by TATT about MP's speech...

Jaagriti cuts hot mouth Barry from UNC meeting broadcasts

Elevated flood potential for 2023 wet season
The T&T Meteorological Service (TTMS) has highlighted more 125 communities across the country with elevated flood potential during the 2023 wet season.

Police kill two in Morvant
Police said around 4.30 am officers assigned to the Multi-Operational Police Section (MOPS) executed three search warrants at homes in Second Caledonia and Second Caledonia Extension, Morvant.

Cops kill two men in Morvant
Families dispute accounts of incidents, want probes

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