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Posted: Wednesday, May 31, 2023

High Court judge: Paradise not lost but antiquated administrative and electoral processes have to be replaced

Freight rates may increase again
Severe drought around Panama Canal...

Stakeholder: St Jude's Home move an opportunity to reset
Reports say the girls and staff will be in residence at the Diego Martin location by July 1, in time for the extended deadline under the Children's Community Residences, Foster Homes and Nurseries Act which make operating a home without a license illegal and carries with it a $10,000 fine.

The Belmont building was inadequate for purpose under the Act, especially following a fire in April.

Cox slams Ameen on flood relief claims
In response, Cox said a total of 1,318 applications for flood relief were processed by her ministry in relation to last December's flooding, 286 cheques were disbursed with 26 of them being for St Augustine constituents.

Judiciary designates two more courts to try criminal matters

Little Umar given clean bill of health following 'abduction'
Mom angry at relative who snatched child

Baby Umar's mother urges kidnapping suspect: Turn yourself in, get help

Missing man found dead, suspended from a tree
Rambharat said that it appeared that Thomas fell from a tree approximately 18 metres (60 feet) tall and got caught up in vines about six metres (20 feet) beneath.

Big turnout for Kisseh's funeral
Mom urges mourners to pray for police

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