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2-year old Umar Ali found
Posted: Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Two-year-old Umar Ali found
Around 2 am last Tuesday, a close male relative broke into her house and took the sleeping child away from her. She added that there has been no word since on the whereabouts of the man and the child.

Baby Umar found in forest camp, relative runs away
The hunters picked up fresh tracks in the forest because of the wet conditions on the rainy Monday. Following the tracks they came across boxes of food. No more than 100 feet from where those boxes were found, they found the encampment with the boy.

Kamla: Faris denied in June 2019 any local govt extension

Sookhai: $262m to fight coastal erosion

PM: East Indian community should reflect on past and future

President Kangaloo: Immigrants were strong, resilient
President Christine Kangaloo said on Indian Arrival Day, TT celebrates the legacy of the dauntless immigrants who came to TT, bringing their cultures, traditions, values and mores as well as the drive and determination to forge a better and brighter future for themselves and their offspring.

138-year-old mud house stands as a rock in Avocat
BUILT in 1885 by indentured East Indians in Trinidad, the Avocat Mud House Museum in Fyzabad has become a historical treasure.

It is one of only a few such structures that remain intact nationwide.

Indo-Trinidadian companies built out of indentureship
This is told in business consultant Hemraj Ramdath's new book: Beyond Indentureship: Indo-Trinidadian Entrepreneurs.

The book was launched earlier in May, but Ramdath also spoke about it at the launch of the National Library and Information System Authority's (Nalis) exhibition Dharma re-enacted: Ramleela in Trinidad and Tobago on May 25.

Call date now
Ameen to Rowley on local govt election:

We were practically forced to accept offer
Prison officers on Saturday at their sports and family day voice dissatisfaction with the four-per cent wage increase for 2014 to 2019

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