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Govt passes land valuation bill
Posted: Friday, May 26, 2023

Imbert: We're bringing T&T into modern era
Govt passes land valuation bill after late-night debate...

Business chambers share concerns over timing of tax

Hillsborough Dam desilted
The project cost just over $64 million.

Speaking at the commissioning of the dam, Minister Gonzales noted that the dam's storage capacity was significantly reduced due to siltation and the growth of aquatic vegetation since its commissioning in 1952.

Fire for Farley over leaked propaganda campaign audio clip
PNM's no-confidence motion over issue blocked

Panday celebrates 90th birthday with family, close friends
Panday, who was born on May 25, 1933, served as the country's fifth prime minister between November 9, 1995 and December 24, 2001.

Calling Mr Hook in Charlotteville
Curtis grew up on the waters around and beyond Charlotteville. When he was supposed to be in school, he would sneak away with his father, who was a fisherman. The sea was his master teacher and he learned everything on the water how to navigate the boat, catch fish and ultimately use his ocean backyard to provide for his family. He provided the same schooling for his son, who is now 24 years old, and is his father's partner in running the business. A fisherman at heart, Curtis knows every nook and cranny of the coast and the deep ocean of north-east Tobago.

Judge dismisses Baptiste-Primus lawsuit 'Without merit, offensive and intolerable'
In her affidavit attached to the claim, Baptiste-Primus said the last time she received an increase was in December 2015, when her pension was increased from $15,488.35 to $17,656.61.

In her lawsuit, filed last month, Baptiste-Primus, who served as labour minister between 2015 and 2020, said she was forced to take the union to court over her pension almost a year after she retired in 2009.

Raped and strangled
Twenty-five-year-old mother of five Gabrielle Raphael was raped and strangled, a post-mortem has revealed.

State sued: activist taken naked from bed
The brothers are contending that around 5.30 a.m., on the morning of June 27, 2018, officers used a sledgehammer to enter their property by destroying the back door to the house.

Another gas station robbery, thieves steal $4,800
Police said around 8:15 pm, Prakash Jailal, 44, a shift supervisor employed with NP Service station was conducting sales at New Colonial Road Barrackpore when the four robbers walked in. Two of them were carrying guns.

Father of 3 gunned down in front girlfriend
A budding singer and father of three was gunned down while walking along Milk Road, Turure, Sangre Grande, yesterday.

Kerwyn Coa, 33, of Milk Road, died on the spot after a gunman shot him several times in front of his girlfriend, who escaped the attack unhurt.

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