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Posted: Sunday, May 21, 2023

Daly, Jayanti on Privy Council judgment: Councillors operating illegally

'Councillors have no authority to hold office'
Their pronouncements come following the Privy Council's ruling which invalidated the Government's attempt to extend the term of local government representatives by a year. According to the experts, the judgment makes it clear that councillors and aldermen no longer have the authority to hold office in the 14 regional and city corporations.

Ferguson: I plead the Fifth
Piarco Airport corruption case; the civil trial in Miami

Chow to retire from Heritage
In its 2022 financial year, Heritage paid the Government $4.5 billion in royalties, levies, and taxes, which was an increase from the $2 billion it generated in 2021.

Last Sunday, Heritage reported an after-tax profit of $1.11 billion for the financial year ended September 30, 2022. That was an increase of 63 per cent compared to the profit the company declared for the 2021 financial year.

No overtime for customs, State saves $$$
According to the release, the decision handed down by the tribunal saved the State from having to pay $750 million to $1 billion in additional overtime payouts.

10 Chinese companies to boost employment in Couva
Qiang said in the 32 countries around the world the state-owned company operates they actively fulfil their social responsibilities while promoting infrastructure construction and development.

Regional CoPs at Hyatt tomorrow–TTPS plan targets gangs, bad police, hiring informers

Smaller gangs a growing threat
Senior cops concerned with recent spike in home invasions, armed robberies...

$234 million cocaine bust in Chaguaramas, 3 held

Project You plans more 'feel-good' projects for children, needy
He believes it was the first time in the country's history all residential children's homes, including from Tobago, assembled at one event as transport was arranged for homes that did not have the means of getting children to the location.

Grieving mother of toddler who drowned: God sent Sarah for a purpose
Two-year-old Sarah Mano, who brought joy and light to her family, died tragically on Friday night, when she fell head first into a bucket of water in the family's bathroom and drowned.

'Illegal gunsmith', 2 others shot dead in separate incidents

7 Train Line residents killed in 4 months
Coconut vendor Roger Maraj who fled the Train Line with his six children back in January was gunned down in Curepe on Saturday morning.

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