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No one wants 4% offer
Posted: Saturday, May 20, 2023

PSA: No one wants 4% offer
Calling the Government's offer "unfair, unjust and downright wicked to the working class," Baptiste said unions are only accepting it because special tribunals are set to impose a ten-year settlement on workers which will deprive unions of being able to collectively bargain on behalf of its members. In doing so, unions will be able to engage in collective bargaining for the period 2020 and onwards rather than have the court give a judgement that covers up to 2024.

EOG outlines plans to drill 20 wells by 2025
EOG Resources Trinidad Ltd is a local subsidiary of US-based energy company EOG Resources Inc. It holds several concession contracts for the supply of natural gas in Trinidad and Tobago, accounting for approximately three per cent of the group's global reserves.

Regional corporations in limbo after Privy Council ruling
Regional corporations are awaiting word from Government on their operations and councillors' status following the recent Privy Council judgment—and Penal/Debe corporation head Dr Allen Sammy says his entity can't do certain operations.

Source of CXC Maths paper leak identified
Candidates to be graded on multiple choice Paper 1 and SBA/Paper 3 (2)

CXC scraps Paper II after J'ca leak - MATH NOT 'MATHSING'

‘Nepotism and cronyism'
Howard University in the United States is being called upon to explain why Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley is really deserving of an honorary doctorate.

Dr Sawh suspended for 1 week over race rant
A disciplinary tribunal set up by the T&T Medical Board has suspended Dr Avinash Sawh for one week, after finding him guilty of "infamous and disgraceful conduct" over a race-related rant which was caught on camera.

Pan Trinbago President: We will complete headquarters on our own
PAN Trinbago head Beverley Ramsey-Moore said the organisation, along with the pan fraternity, will be building its headquarters on its own. She made the statement at a tribute service for former president Patrick Arnold at the Queen's Park Savannah on Thursday.

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