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Posted: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Barbados goverment's position on Brent Thomas affair 'IT WAS NO ABDUCTION'
In a statement in the Barbadian Parliament yesterday, AG Dale Marshall detailed the involvement of the Barbados Police Service in Thomas' case but rejected the ruling of a TT High Court judge finding that Thomas was 'abducted.'

Barbados attorney general on Trinidadian's detention: No element of criminality
The following is an edited version of the statement the Attorney General of Barbados Dale Marshall made to its parliament on Tuesday on the detention of Trinidadian arms dealer Brent Thomas by the country's police force on October 5, 2022.

Mid-year Budget review today
Finance Minister Colm Imbert is set to deliver Government's mid-year budget review in Parliament at 1:30pm today. Approximately $3.85 billion in supplementary funding will be allocated for fiscal 2023.

PM: No family connections
President's husband, brother awarded senior counsel status

Griffith: System removed from political influence needed for 'silk'
Questions have been raised after President Kangaloo's husband and brother both received silk.

Chote: Review system for awarding silk

Scramble for spoils in Guyana
The list of needs is long in this South American country of 791,000 people that is poised to become the world's fourth-largest offshore oil producer, placing it ahead of Qatar, the United States, Mexico and Norway. The oil boom will generate billions of dollars for this largely impoverished nation. It's also certain to spark bitter fights over how the wealth should be spent in a place where politics is sharply divided along ethnic lines: 29 per cent of the population is of African descent and 40 per cent of East Indian descent, from indentured servants brought to Guyana after slavery was abolished.

Remaining COVID restrictions to be removed soon
On the heels of the declaration by the World Health Organization on May 5th that Covid19 was no longer a public health emergency, the T&T government is set to remove all remaining regulations.

PM concerned some anti-crime measures are failing
WITH the murder toll now at 211, the Prime Minister said he is concerned that some of the measures in place to curb crime are failing.

Erla gets another year
According to Section 75 of the Police Service Act, where it is considered in the national interest, the President may may extend the years of service of an officer in the First Division after the officer has reached the prescribed age of retirement.

Murder again in Blanchisseuse, after killing of father and sons
Police were told that two men, who are not from the village, came up and shot him multiple times in the head.

Police were told that Clarke was threatened with death last Thursday, the day of the funeral for Carver Evangelist, who was himself shot dead at his home in Blanchisseuse on April 22.

Memories of Asami
...Woman's body found in Savannah

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