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Posted: Saturday, April 29, 2023

Mass chaos as 64 schools evacuated following multiple bomb threats drop

Update: Over 55 schools receive direct threats; more than 100 dismissed today
She said eight threats were received in Tobago with threats going directly to the police in schools in North East and Caroni districts. She said the 83 schools in the Caroni District and the 57 in the North Eastern District were dismissed and parents were asked to pick up their children. She said schools, where students have been outside for over an hour due to pending safety checks, were also asked to dismiss. She assures that principals will be working with the Ministry and keeping them informed.

She said the email circulating on social media could be the one sent to schools as they closely resemble. She said the Ministry of Education's IT department is working with the TTPS to determine the source of the threat.

All nine secondary schools disrupted in Tobago
All nine secondary schools in Tobago were dismissed early on Friday after at least five of them received a threatening e-mail. The THA Division of Education, Research and Technology has condemned the action.

Cyber experts feel bomb threat email will be hard to trace

$800,000 legal bill for State
$20m Vindra scandal...

Rohan Sinanan: Million$ wasted on flood plans by former govts
Referring to a US $495,000 ($3.37million) grant which Government received from the Andean Development Bank in March 2020 for the development of a flood management master plan, Sinanan said, "The national drainage plan was divided into two strategic plans, out of which will flow projects for development."

Kamla asks PM to reconsider stance: Let's meet on crime
THE Opposition Leader is calling on the Prime Minister to reconsider his stance and meet with the UNC and others in the interest of co-operating to fight the crime scourge gripping the country.

Fitzgerald Hinds defends work as National Security Minister: I know what my responsibilities are

Hosein slams Hinds during no-confidence motion

42 requests for pepper spray permits by public
Hinds on pepper spray rollout:

Truck driver hailed a hero
A truck driver was hailed as a hero on social media on Thursday after he is said to have entered the waters in a swamp near the Caroni Bird Sanctuary to rescue a driver who became trapped in a car which ended up on its in the swamp during the early morning hours.

42 requests for pepper spray permits by public
Hinds on pepper spray rollout:

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