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High-profile projects on the radar
Posted: Sunday, April 23, 2023

High-profile projects on the radar as Procurement Act fully proclaimed
"Any state entity—which would include UDECOTT, NIDCO, all of them—who receive public funds for projects would fall under the procurement legislation. It would mean an end to these agencies selecting their own contractors from their own databases. They can only select contractors from the Office of the Procurement Regulator's database," he said.

The Government has allocated more than $2 billion on infrastructure projects in 2023 for roads and bridges under PURE and NIDCO, drainage and transport projects, information technology projects, as well as WASA projects.

Another $1.9 billion was allocated for primary, secondary, and tertiary education school projects under the Ministry of Education, housing projects under the HDC, as well as recreational projects under SPORTT.

PM Rowley 'an ally for Mexico' in fight against illegal US guns
As much of Latin America and the Caribbean continue to experience elevated levels of gun violence linked to weapons brought in illegally from the United States, Mexico says it is going full steam ahead–backed by Trinidad and Tobago–with its US$10 billion lawsuit against seven US major gun manufacturers and one gun wholesaler and distributor.

PM's Eid message: Islam warns of consequences to crime

PM: Respect other people's opinions

Judge: Reporter Renne practised responsible journalism
'Express' wins FUL defamation lawsuit

Agent for change–Shihan Hanifah Marva John-Logan
During this period the foundation has served more than 2,000 people directly. The young girls and women of the community also participate in the 'Support, Educate, Empower Women' (SEEW) programmes and are trained in soft furnishing and garment construction. "Our blended approach is utilised, where both Venezuelan migrant and T&T locals are learning, training, and socialising together. This also serves as a strategy to reduce the stigma, fear and xenophobia within the community."

Creating a village of support and acceptance

Natural gas crisis
Petrochemical plants offline 'due to fire, mechanical issues'...

Former radio personality George "Umbala" Joseph has died
The 84-year-old was admitted to the St James Medical Complex on Tuesday and had spent three days under a tent on the hospital's compound along the Western Main Road before being warded.

The downward spiral
'More people, especially middle-aged men, facing suicidal thoughts since pandemic'

King David opens up about Parkinson's diagnosis
and living with the degenerative disease

Blanchisseuse man killed in family land dispute
An ongoing family dispute over a 16-acre parcel of land at O'Connor Street, Blanchisseuse, is being blamed for the killing of Carver Evangelist yesterday.

Family being wiped out in Blanchisseuse

Aranjuez in decline as crime surges
Residents of once close-knit community now living in fear...

'Lost youth' in La Puerta falling into crime, plead for jobs
"We need more things to pull people together. You see what is going on in society, they have no parents guiding them, so it is harder for the youth to focus on doing something on their own. They end up choosing what they want to do, but they are not living long."

Man beaten, dies after bad drive
Police inquiries revealed that after the accident Nandlal was arguing with the occupants of a green garbage truck over reckless driving when the two occupants came out and accosted him. One of the men struck Nandlal on the back of his head with his hand while the other occupants kicked the left wing mirror of Nandlal's vehicle.

Nandlal collapsed on the ground and appeared to be unconscious. The two occupants returned to the truck and drove off.

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