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PM outlines exorbitant cost
Posted: Monday, April 17, 2023

PM details the cost of gunshot wounds - changing minister will not stop violence
He noted the increase in the national budget in dealing with crime; in 2008, 32 per cent of the budget went to national security, in 2017- 38 per cent and in 2023 some 43 per cent of the national security allocation goes to policing.

PM Rowley outlines exorbitant cost of crime in T&T
In Trinidad and Tobago, in the years 2011 to 2022 5,439 lives were lost to violent murder, largely through the use of imported firearms and ammunition.

Caricom leaders point to US' role in proliferation of guns

Gary disagrees with Hinds on crime plan
He said while he was Minister of National Security, the National Operations Centre, the National Security Special Operation Group, the Rapid Response Unit, the National Security Training Academy, the E999 system and the Operation Centre were formed, all of which he said were anti-crime initiatives.

Opposition leader: Hinds must go, he can't keep the country safe

Not invited: chambers feel disrespected

Confront crime fearlessly and honestly
Interview with former PM Basdeo Panday

UNC slams 'cop out' crime symposium, tells Rowley: That won't save you

Despers gets a new home
Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell who also spoke said along with the government and the Steelpan Trust of Trinidad and Tobago as well as PANTRINBAGO are lobbying the United Nations General Assembly for August 7, declared World Steelpan Day.

"And that is currently being developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign and CARICOM affairs and we look forward to our lobby and for our application being made," Mitchell said.

Disabled at a disadvantage

Despers gets $14m 'home' in downtown Pos

Why are teen girls in crisis? It's not just social media

Maloney man killed in upsurge of gang violence
Police said the killing is part of a re-emergence of gang violence in the community. Last Saturday, an 18-year-old from Building 7 was shot three times while walking between Buildings 6 and 7. The teen, who was shot in the back, shoulder and hip, is listed as critical.

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