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Senator calls for review
Posted: Sunday, April 16, 2023

Senator calls for review of primary & secondary school curriculum
Senator Thompson-Ayhe said there is a direct link between the education system and the current crime situation.

Researcher: Adjustments must be made to Equal Opportunity Act
Dr Bephyer Parey, an educator and researcher at the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES) at UWI, St Augustine believes greater effort should be made towards people with disabilities in TT. She called for a re-evaluation of the complaint process to the of Equal Opportunity Commission and adjustments to the Equal Opportunity Act.

A search for 'implementable actions'
Regional symposium on crime starts tomorrow...

Urgent need for constitutional reform
As he nears the milestone age of 90, former PM Basdeo Panday reflects on his life as a politician, the state of the country and more...

Sookhai ready to run for PNM in next general election

Male to female transgender athletes in sport
The exclusion criteria

Many Emperors, no clothes

Alarming spike in bush fires worries fire chief
In March 2022, they responded to 262 bush fires but in March, this year, that number has quadrupled. By March 29, fire officers responded to 833 reported cases.

Desperate Aranguez residents to hire security firm to fend off bandits
Residents were informed that it would cost $49,293 a month for two officers–one armed and the other with a baton to patrol East of Aranguez Main Road and East of Johnny King Road from 7 pm to 7 am daily.

The two security officers would also escort residents to and from their homes as part of their service.

After another robbery, police again warn about online purchase arrangement
The two were waiting to buy a cellphone from a person they contacted on FB. As they sat in the car, Samaroo and Putkoo were approached by two men, one armed with a gun.

The men announced a hold-up and robbed Samaroo of his car keys, $12,000 in cash and a grey iPhone 14 pro max cellphone valued at $12,000.

14-year-old among 3 charged for brutal home invasion
The teen, of Block 22, Laventille, was charged with three counts of robbery with violence, two counts of assault with intent to rob, false imprisonment, and possession of a firearm and ammunition.

Man shot dead in Valencia, mom cries for justice
Sitting next to Lambkin's wife, Anna Pamponette, who cried continuously and was unable to speak, Campo told Guardian Media that they also shot at her son in the Valencia Market in September 2022. He knew the shooter, she said, but the police never made an arrest.

She always reminded Lambkin about the shooting that he survived and always discouraged him from liming by the market. He will respond and say, "'If they want you they will come to your home or anywhere.'"

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