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Posted: Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Farley: new party is one taken from a 'bottom up' approach and not one where leaders sit in a dark room and make decisions

How Govt slow action could cost taxpayers almost $1 billion
The Express Business has been able to confirm that when the consortium of bpTT and Shell approached the Government with the renewable energy project, the cost to the administration would have been 4.02 US cents per kilowatt hour. However, by the time the deal was eventually inked late last year it had skyrocketed to 6.745 US cents per kilowatt hour. That is a massive 61 per cent increase in the price.

PTSC to buy 240 electric buses
But even as the PTSC is seeking to purchase the electric buses it will have to build a sub station to support the additional power at its Port of Spain facility. It is expected that the price will be up to $30 million. This will however be built by the vendor since T&TEC has reportedly told the PTSC that if it has to do it the corporation will have to wait up to three years to get it done. This was unacceptable to the PTSC which wants to roll out the new buses by the end of the year.

Ex-US President arrested and charged TRUMP: I'M NOT GUILTY

Local analysts weigh in as Trump in court, pleads not guilty to 34 charges
Another political analyst, Dr Bishnu Ragoonath said he does not believe T&T has the political willpower to go after corrupt politicians as the US has done.

"The politics in the US is very much different from ours and there is always that notion that because of the way parties operate, that will always be a challenge for people sitting in the Government to be brought before the court, when people are in Opposition even, there are challenges bringing them before the court," Ragoonath said.

However, he said this type of prosecution needs to be replicated in T&T and the wider Caribbean.

'18 too young to leave children's homes'
Sookdeo, who was speaking yesterday at the orientation for the Transition Support Programme which was hosted by the Ministry of Gender and Child Affairs and held at the Office of the Prime Minister in St Clair, said 21 is an appropriate age to successfully transition out of children's homes.

Fed-up fire officers to meet with National Security officials today
"We need to be outfitted with the required appliances, that is fire trucks, to be able to respond to the public. We also need varying personal protective equipment and other equipment for fire fighting, one very important piece of that equipment is breathing apparatus sets. Those are individual sets that officers wear when engaged in fire fighting and enable them to enter into smoke-filled environments with a supply of breathable air.

"Aside from that, we also need the fire stations themselves to be OSH compliant, health and that the officers can enjoy some measure of a healthy environment for working."

Hinds: New equipment in 3 weeks

Citizens suffering at the hands of Health Ministry

'Rescued' man vanishes...claimed to be refugee from Ukraine
The man said he had set off from Europe and had been at sea for three months.

Lawmakers call for probe of US arms trafficked in the Caribbean
"For the Caribbean in 2021, the database provides information on a total of 1,038 US-sourced firearms recovered and submitted to the ATF for tracing in five Caribbean countries: The Bahamas, 236; the Dominican Republic, 94; Haiti, 106; Jamaica, 400; and Trinidad and Tobago, 202," the letter said.

Police investigate major break-in, burglary at gated community in Trincity
Other missing items included one CZ 10 9 mm pistol valued at TT $35,000; one Benelli shotgun valued at TT $35,000; one PCP pellet gun valued at TT $23,000; one Rado wristwatch valued at TT $40,000; one Gucci wristwatch valued at TT $2,000; 25 rounds of 12 gauge cartridges valued at TT $450; and 150 rounds of 9 mm ammunition whose value is yet to be ascertained.

Minister's nephew remanded into custody on charges including threatening to kill officers
Police alleged they stopped the vehicle after they realised Gopee was not wearing a seat belt. They said the suspect got out of the pickup and began running while the officers spoke to the driver. The officers ran after him and held him about 30 feet away. In his pocket, the officers allegedly found the 60 rounds of ammunition.

The 34-year-old driver, who is from Point Fortin, also was arrested. Police subsequently searched Gopee's home in Point Fortin, where they allegedly found one AK-47 magazine, a silencer and a quantity of 9mm ammunition. They said the ammunition is for high-powered assault rifles, including AK-47s.

Kidnapping, robbery with violence in Marabella

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