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Private healthcare gaining
Posted: Sunday, January 22, 2023

Private healthcare gaining public's confidence
Facing long wait times, overcrowding at State hospitals...

Jacob says farewell to TTPS...

Mc Donald Jacob says farewell to the TTPS

Another FOI request from parent...Christopher second in SEA
Previously, the ministry would publicise the list of the top pupils and acknowledge their performance with an award ceremony.

However, the decision to no longer publi­cise the list was made after a mix-up in the 2020 results, which saw the parents of two pupils threaten the ministry with legal action over the awarding of the President's Medal (Gold).

Sanjay still longing for home
Years after witnessing mom die; family dwelling destroyed by fire...

Are patrons getting their money's worth?
The all-inclusive fete...Since the Carnival season started, over 100 all-inclusive fetes have already taken place, including breakfast parties and brunch events, with numerous others scheduled in the coming weeks.

4 men killed: toll now 32

Man killed in police involved shooting
While doing such, they saw a man walking towards them holding a silver object in his right hand. One of the officers instructed him to stop, however, the man allegedly pointed the object in their direction and a loud sound was heard.

Two shot dead in La Romaine, cops search for hooded killer
A hooded gunman stormed into a minimart at La Romaine on Friday and shot two men dead before jumping through a window, making a successful escape.

Killings in Tunapuna, Laventille take murder toll to 32

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