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T&T-China trade exceeds US$1 billion
Posted: Thursday, January 12, 2023

T&T-China trade exceeds US$1 billion, says envoy
Two years in a row...

Striking oil & gas: Bid rounds open way for exploration
WITH BIDS in place for 11 out of 16 blocks in the completed onshore and nearshore auction, hopeful companies now have to wait about three months to find out whether they will now be successful.

However, bid rounds are just the start of the process. Exploration, drilling and discovery, could take years.

Heritage to drill 15 new wells this year

President's Office operations cost taxpayers a hefty sum annually
According to the 98th report of the Salaries Review Commission (SRC), which is the latest document of its kind, the salary of a sitting President is currently $64,270 per month.

Public jittery ahead of PM's COVID briefing

Analyst: Duke's invite to Augustine to 'come home' unappealing
POLITICAL analyst Dr Bishnu Ragoonath does not believe THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine will accept Progressive Democratic Patriots (PDP) political leader Watson Duke's invitation for him to return to the party.

Green buildings and energy efficiency
According to the Trinidad and Tobago Green Building Council (TTGBC), buildings "account for almost 40 per cent of total energy used in the Caribbean and about 38 per cent of the carbon emissions generated, especially during their construction and operation phases". ( This means that more thoughtful and sustainable building design, construction processes and utilisation can lead to significant efficiency gains and contribute to overall emissions reduction. Accordingly, there is today a growing emphasis on developing and outfitting "green" buildings.

Attorney: Higher safety standards needed for divers in Trinidad and Tobago
Recalling a Bureau of Standards witness statement that TT's commercial diving sector had only voluntary/optional standards, Alfonso urged "a mandatory framework" of standards which she said the authorities had not introduced despite TT being a mature oil province involving thousands of employees.

' will always be my hero'
Eleven-year-old Aliyah ­Henry, the daughter of LMCS diver Yusuf Henry, wrote the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) examination last year, months after her father died inside a 30-inch subsea pipeline.

CoE chairman slams Paria, LMCS on treatment of divers' families

Alfonso apologises for controversial witness at Paria CoE

Tobago bandleaders threaten boycott over $1.3m allocation
Bedlow said the association, which represents some 32 bandleaders, had submitted a budget for $3.5 million for the festival.

Taxi driver crashes, suspected carjacker arrested, charged
Police say that around 2:24 pm on January 2, a taxi driver was proceeding along Carapo Road, in his white Honda City vehicle, when a passenger seated in the back seat placed him in a choke hold, brandished a knife, and announced a robbery.

Grandmother of man killed by fake cops: I warned him about selling weed
Kowlessar, 32, was at his businessplace at the drag mall on Queen Street, Arima, near Detour, at around 6.30 pm on Tuesday, when he was confronted by four men, two of whom were wearing police tactical uniforms and two wearing camouflage fatigues.

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