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Posted: Friday, December 2, 2022

Cabinet authorises emergency funds –$150M FLOOD RELIEF
"These funds are to augment existing budgetary allocations in relevant ministries to provide sustenance and comfort for those directly distressed by the recent weather emergency."

Apart from the $40m for flood victims, $100m was allocated for urgent repair work to flood-damaged roadways and also repairs on damage caused by landslides. Some $10m was allocated for those in the farming community adversely affected by the flooding.

Gov't allocates $150 million for flood, landslide relief efforts

Govt approves $40 million flood relief plan, $10 million for farmers

Hinds responds to erroneous report of his firing:

People in PoS say Hinds must go
...Harsh words for minister

One rumour that should’ve been true

Gonzales ‘disappointed’ in Desalcott shutdown of Pt Lisas plant
Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales has expressed dissatisfaction in the Desalination Company of Trinidad and Tobago’s (Desalcott) decision to proceed with a 10-day shutdown of its Point Lisas plant for maintenance works.

Cabinet approves $7.5m for child protection initiatives
In March, Minister in the OPM Ayanna Webster-Roy said Cabinet agreed to implement several of the team's recommendations, one of which is the creation of an inter-agency task force to deal with matters related to the protection of children in children's homes.

Cops move to offer 4% salary offer
In May, Chief Personnel Officer (CPO) Dr Daryl Dindial, in a counter-proposal to trade unions, offered no increase for 2014-2017, one per cent for 2018, no further increase for 2019-2020, and one per cent for the 2021 negotiating period.

Selling scrap iron? License now required to do so
It was last week Friday (November 25) during a press conference that Attorney General Reginald Dumas noted that government is working on enacting legislation to resume scrap metal exports in a more regulated manner, however, a ban on the exportation of copper will remain for another year. 

US Ambassador-designate arrives in T&T with family

Langston Roach builds legacy of black enterprise
In TT in the late 1960s and early '70s, despite independence, it wasn’t largely believed that an Afro-Trinidadian had the acumen to run a business, hold positions of corporate power or even a managerial position.

8,000 living with AIDS in Trinidad and Tobago
Edwards said approximately 8,000 people are infected in TT, and the statistics were similar for gonorrhoea and syphilis.

Asked if 8,000 out of 1.3 million meant HIV was rare, Edwards said, " In theory you could get away with unprotected sex, but at the same time there are people who had unprotected sex once, or had one partner, and that partner gave it to them. We hear these stories everyday.

Elderly man, 88, disappears after leaving home

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