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Warner told to face US court
Posted: Sunday, November 20, 2022

Warner told to face US court if innocent
FIFA banned Warner from all football-related activities for life in 2015, but Singh said the allegations of corruption during his tenure at FIFA should not be blamed on Warner personally but should be attributed to the organisation’s weak management and auditing structures.

"You have a group of men who got together to manage an organisation in which there were no oversight and accountability mechanisms in place to prevent them from when the temptation came from finding themselves in the situation they found themselves. Now, Warner has found himself possibly extradited to America.

No education for Venezuelan migrant children
NGOs lament lack of support...

A paradise named Paramin
People. Passion. Places

Jacob: ‘Missing’ Pennywise murder accused highlights need for bail reform
"I sincerely ask that they reconsider the whole aspect of bail for violent crimes and for gun possession. They should wait 120 days before they are granted bail. I have said that the police are in a better possession to be able to go on within that time because since then we have upgraded our case management and case progression unit and we also brought back retired officers with experience in case management.

Hosein: T&T on course for 623 murders this year
Senior officials in T&T are complicit in criminal activity which contributes to the spread of illegal firearms according to former acting deputy commissioner of police Wendell Sylvester Williams, who is on pre-retirement leave.

Doubles vendors under attack
Police say the doubles owners seem to be easy targets for criminals over the past few months as home invasions and armed robberies increase in the lead-up to Christmas.

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