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PM roasted online
Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2022

PM roasted online for saying T&T lacks infrastructure and discipline to work from home
Commenting on the increase in fuel prices Rowley suggested changing driving habits could reduce fuel consumption. He said, "A simple choice, like choosing when you travel could save your fuel bill. If you get in that traffic at a particular hour for no good reason and crawling to Port of Spain from Sangre Grande. You burn your burnt up fuel. And if you had chosen to go at a different time, you wouldn't have had to burn up."

PNM's 2020 manifesto promised reduced traffic, remote working and digitization
"Technology convergence will revolutionize transportation, dramatically improving safety and mobility while reducing traffic congestion. The PNM will support and facilitate remote working and work from home in both the public and private sector. The reduced burden on the working population will have a positive influence on community and family life."

PM on work-from-home: Trinis undisciplined
After two years of COVID-19: "We're not ready for work-from-home", says Dr Rowley

A hard blow to petrol dealers
"What was disappointing is that he gave us five cents on August 1 and with the hike in the price of gas he took it back on September 26. So that five cents was short-lived because every time we sell fuel or we have to purchase fuel, it costs us extra in terms of expenditure, interest, raising funds, paying business levy, green fund levy and all the associated costs that goes with a gas station business. It really was a blow to the Petroleum dealers," he said.

Imbert hits poor man hard in $57.6B Budget as gas prices go up again

Chief Sec: More autonomy will help Tobago's diversification

'Nothing new': Tobago Chamber weighs in on Budget 2023
According to George, the allocation does not represent the type of growth and development the Chamber would want to see for Tobago.

'When you enrich people at the top, it does not trickle down...'
Economist: A mediocre budget

More of the same, agriculturalists complain
Rampersad pointed out that Imbert spoke the $300 million allocation last year as well and no such incentives were forthcoming.

"We realise it's just a talk shop, because in 2021 it was $500 million for incentives and in 2022 and the upcoming fiscal year, it is $300 million. But who is accessing it? We have not seen any infrastructure works benefitting the farming community. I myself signed off on a document, through the Freedom of Information Act on Monday afternoon questioning where the $300 million for 2022 was spent. It is time the people get some answers," he said.

Dear Editor: It's a glaring omission not to award ORTT to "Kitch" and 2008 Olympics 4x100m team

One-person protest
TTUTA chief on Hall of Justice steps

Judge cautions landowners seeking to evict squatters
While Seepersad ruled that Nicholas did not obtain title to the land through adverse possession, he did find that Cyrus trespassed on the land when he demolished Nicholas' wooden shack, fruit trees and short-term crops without a court order last year.

NTA: Increased FUL fees shows how little Government cares
During the National Budget 2023 presentation on Monday, Minister of Finance Colm Imbert proposed to increase all FUL fees under the Third Schedule of the Firearms Act Chapter 16:01, except assault weapons, by 100 per cent. Imbert said they would have significantly higher license fees than other types of firearms.

In an NTA statement, Nahous said the Government is placing an additional financial burden on over 20,000 law-abiding citizens.

Marissa 'warned' about boyfriend
Victim's sister: Murder suspect pretended to help look for missing woman

Sisters of UWI worker killed by boyfriend: Be careful who you allow into your lives

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