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THA audit finds $100M in fraud
Posted: Friday, September 23, 2022

Augustine: THA audit finds $100M in fraud, corruption
As he stood in the Assembly, Augustine explained that the report, compiled by the independent auditor Caribbean Institute of Forensic Auditing (CIFA), was 90 pages long.

The investigations looked at development programmes undertaken by the then-People's National Movement (PNM) THA Executive between October 1, 2019 and November 30, 2021.

Woman frustrated by cries feeds baby poison
Frustrated by the cries of a nine-month-old baby girl, a female relative reportedly fed the baby a deadly mixture of poison and milk in her bottle. Hours later, baby Salileen was dead and the 30-year-old woman in police custody.

Woman held after 9-month-old's death – BABY FED POISON
Police sources said investigators were told by the woman that she became annoyed over baby Selieen's constant loud crying and used the syringe to extract a dose of the poison which she then infused in the formula which was already in the baby bottle. She then forced the baby to drink it.

Police sources said the woman, who claimed to have been a victim of abuse, admitted she became frustrated by the baby's crying.

Hazel Brown hailed
Tributes of admiration and recognition of her lifetime of caring for people's welfare poured in for Hazel Brown, gender and consumer activist and founding member of the Network of NGOs of Trini­dad and Tobago for the Advancement of Women, who died at age 80 yesterday

Gender and consumer rights activist, Hazel Brown, passes

Royal hypocrisy
In many ways, we replaced the British with our lords.

South Oropouche River overflows

After deadly Pennywise robbery, Chamber head wants more cashless transactions
In a phone interview with Newsday, Singh said many countries around the world had switched to cashless transactions and with a major push for Trinidad and Tobago to move more and more towards a digitised society, businesses should adopt this approach as well.

Six years after her disappearance, Ria Sookdeo's family clings to hope
On September 22, 2016, Ria was abducted by men outside her children's Picton Village school minutes after she had dropped them off at school.

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