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PM: Reflect on slavery's trauma
Posted: Monday, August 1, 2022

PM: Reflect on slavery's trauma
THE Prime Minister is calling on Africans in the country to use Emancipation Day observed with a public holiday on Monday to reflect on the trauma and deep psychological wounds caused and left by slavery.

PM: Wave of violence must not be seen centred only among African community

Opposition Leader: Horrors of slavery must never be forgotten

President's Emancipation Day message 'Remember passion of the slaves'

Concert to honour Bro Resistance's memory
There were 13 rapso artistes paying tribute to him, singing covers from his large music compendium.

Wallerfield teacher learns the aquaponics trade
At her humble Wallerfield, Arima home, she temporarily puts a pause to her efforts with her rows of students, as she begins her labour among the rows of PVC pipes that are taking shape at her hydroponics farm. The daytime giggling of her students gives way to the gentle gurgling of the water, as dedicated pumps aerate her massive ten-foot-wide aquaculture tanks in which hundreds of tilapia make random eddies and purls as they feed and flex, in a cycle that Perez intends to use to tackle food security and sustainable farming.


Ex-accused in novel bail application for murder killed while liming
Charles' murder came less than three days after the United Kingdom-based Privy Council upheld his landmark case over the ability of judges to consider bail for persons charged with murder. The constitutional case, which effectively changed the country's almost century-long stance on the issue, was brought on Charles' behalf after he and five neighbours were freed of murdering a fellow resident after spending almost nine years on remand in May 2019.

Newsday columnist, prison reform activist: 'My memories of Akili Charles'

Akili Charles' legal team condemns his murder

Shots fired by man lurking near Besson Street police station
PORT of Spain Division police are investigating two men who were seen monitoring and then trying to break into the Besson Street police station early on Sunday morning.

Thieves cart away fibre optic mistaking it for copper
However, the selfish act left thousands of people and businesses on TSTT networks without mobile, landline, internet and television services for most of yesterday. It was an act that TSTT strongly condemned as deliberate and selfish and reminded the culprits that there would be legal implications when caught.

Cop charged with corruptly soliciting money
A TTPS release yesterday said Naboth Bynoe, 35, of Freeport, was charged with corruptly soliciting the sum of $5,000 and corruptly receiving the sum of $2,500 following advice received from the Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard SC, on Saturday.

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