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EMBD wades through $3.7b in claims
Posted: Monday, May 9, 2022

EMBD wades through $3.7b in claims fees climb to $61m
SIX years ago, after a change in government, the Estate Management Business Development Company (EMBD) was hit with $3.7 billion in claims from contractors for unpaid work.

Nidco: People paid for land near Tobago airport
He said even before the acquisition process for the expansion of the airport started, the Government had secured a loan of $300 million to pay residents for the properties that were to be acquired.

Why is children's home still open?

Children's Home to file defamation lawsuit

357 new covid cases, 5 deaths
The total number of active positive cases stood at 9,007 at that time.

NTA, PDP told Target 40 per cent under-represented electorate
"That in itself suggests that a significant proportion of the electorate, which on its own will not necessarily win an election, but if that constituency consolidates and inroads can be made in the bases of the PNM or UNC, then that could spell disaster for any one of the two dominant parties," Ragoonath said.

Political analyst calls on PM to act on Special Branch report
Ragoonath said anyone can place information on a letterhead and claim authenticity, but if the Special Branch validates the report, then it is in Dr Rowley's remit to act now, whether or not he had previous sight of the document.

Green band maxi fares going up today
COMMUTERS travelling on green band maxis will have to pay between $2-$3 more from today.

Arima cop stops match, turns off lights
THE ARIMA BOROUGH Corporation has written an apology letter following an incident in which police ordered a match stopped and stadium lights turned off with seven minutes to go during a Next Level Consulting Limited (NLCL) Under-19 Community Cup youth football match at the Arima Velodrome on Thursday night.

Two murder pensioner, 81... Get 9 years in jail
IN December 2010, 81-year-old Syranus Walker hired two men he knew to paint his home in preparation for Christmas Day that year.

2 cops, 2 patrons shot during gun rampage at bar
The police officers had responded to a report of a large gathering at the business place and minutes later a man fired at the officers and patrons. The shooter ran off and escaped.

Woman robbed of $60,000 in company money
The victim, a 28-year-old woman, told police that she was in her vehicle, transporting ash for her employer, a distribution company, when she was confronted by two masked men armed with firearms.

Four shot in Cunupia
Two police officers were among four people injured after a gunman opened fire at a bar in Cunupia early yesterday morning.

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