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Seek help not violence
Posted: Friday, April 22, 2022

Prime Minister tells citizens: Seek help not violence
WITH an increase in violent crimes owing to un-mediated disputes, the Prime Minister is urging citizens to seek the help available to them and address their issues.

PM responds to rising murder rate: T&T a violent society in nature
Cabinet is going through the procurement process to get more CCTV cameras and there ought to be consequences for secondary school students demonstrating violent behaviour, Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday.

Prime Minister on school violence: We can't beat our way out of it

Police to be placed at problem schools
Since their return to physical school on Tuesday, videos have begun circulating on social media of fights involving secondary school students nationwide. While the Ministry of Education has convened an inter-ministerial committee to revise the School Discipline Matrix, it's not expected to present its recommendations until the end of the first week of May.

T&T's Heritage and Stabilisation fund plummets by TT $1.82 B
The value of the country's Heritage and Stabilisation Fund (HSF) has fallen by close to US$268 million or TT $1.821 billion at the end of financial year 2021 when compared to its value at the end of 2020.

PM: Fuel cost could go back down if oil price falls
The Finance Ministry is working on posting the fuel prices each month and if the oil price drops significantly, it would be reasonable to expect that the price at the pump will also go down.

PM: TT fuel prices can be reduced if global prices fall
While not indicating at what international price citizens will see this decrease, Dr Rowley assured that there will be a trickle-down effect.

Minister: Over $.25 million dollars spent to repair vandalized pumps
"Two of the pumps at the Bamboo site have been burnt, we have spent an excess of a quarter million dollars to replace these pumps. There is proof that these pumps have been vandalized,"

Deyalsingh on medical cannabis: It won't be a free-for-all
Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh says while discussions continue on the availability of medical cannabis for certain ailments, the drug will only be made available through a prescription from medical professionals.

Al-Rawi: Cannabis businesses must be 30% local
Al-Rawi was speaking in Parliament yesterday on the Cannabis Control Bill, 2020, which is currently under review.

Ganga Singh's appointment to local Guyanese Consulate causes racial uproar
The Public Diplomacy office at Guyana's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmed that former United National Congress minister Ganga Singh is now employed "by the Government of Guyana as Director of Trade, Investment and Agriculture".

Rise in covid19 cases this week, 546 new cases reported
The Ministry of Health reported 546 new covid19 cases on Thursday, 141 more than the 405 cases reported on Wednesday.

A tour of Little Tobago
In 1924, after Sir William died, the island was deeded to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, to remain in perpetuity a bird sanctuary.

Sidara's brave walk cancer patient fulfils SEA exam promise
CANCER patient Sidara Akalloo was given a hero's welcome on Thursday afternoon after she was finally able to sit the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA). Being able to walk into the exam room by herself was a goal, Sidara, 11, had set after being diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia a year ago.

Shoplifting growing in T&T
The increase in food prices coupled with the escalating cost in the standard of living are being blamed for a significant rise in shoplifting at supermarkets across the country, says president of the Supermarkets Association of T&T Rajiv Diptee.

Counselling for traumatised teen who found grandma's body
After finding the body, the teen ran across to Melissa's apartment to tell her what she had seen. They both ran frantically to the neighbour's home.? Persad said his daughter now has to undergo counselling, which the police offer. He said that Jagessar, a mother of five and grandmother of five, was home alone as everyone else went to work and school. He said it appeared that someone beat her head in with a blunt object. By the time his daughter reached home, it was too late for anyone to help.

Fyzabad dad shot dead while repairing car
When Joshua Mahabir died from gunshots on Wednesday night, the spanner he used to fix his car was still in his hand and the phone he was speaking to his wife on lay at his side.

Murder victim's father pleads: 'Don't give up on your sons'
Moments after Devon Neils viewed the body of his son Akeem James, on Thursday at the Forensic Sciences Centre, St James, he told Newsday he had spent the past two days pondering all his efforts to discourage his son from associating with a particular group in the area. He is now advising fathers, who like him, had given up, to keep trying with their sons.

Mom, partner charged with death of six-year-old son
A 31-year-old woman and a 32-year-old man have ben charged with manslaughter following the death of the woman's six-year-old son, Zackariah Charles.

No bail for man charged with murder of CEPEP worker over chadon beni
Marvin Scott, 47, of First Caledonia, Morvant, was charged on April 14 with murder, possession of a firearm, possession of ammunition, possession of a firearm to endagner life and possession of ammunition to endanger life.

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