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Met Office declares start of dry season
Posted: Friday, January 7, 2022

Caribbean Airlines (CAL) passengers flying the domestic route between Trinidad and Tobago should be required to show proof of vaccination before they fly.

Jacob slams irresponsible limers for police covid deaths

Police association head wants medical insurance for officers

Scoon's lawyer says search of premises 'abuse of power'
Police executed the search warrant looking for evidence including the special license of the Ocean Pelican restaurant and other company records and documents. Tacklalsingh said Scoon was detained for almost three hours.

A Covid death is any victim who died from, or with the virus
"We know that they had other pre-existing conditions and whether Covid was the direct or a contributing cause to their deaths, those deaths are counted as Covid-19 because Covid played a role."

Orisha, Baptist officials back Maha Sabha's call to reopen rivers, streams

Mother pleads for help for mentally-challenged son
The mother of an 18-year-old man is calling on the Children's Authority and other agencies to help her mentally-challenged son now that he has aged out of the system.

Someone snuffed out their love
It has been five months since the bodies of 25-year-old Crystal Jagroop and Michael Deonarine were found at their Gangaram Trace home in Princes Town on the bed they once shared, covered in flies.

Met Office declares start of dry season

Clive 'Zanda' Alexander, architect of kaiso jazz, dies
Clive "Zanda" Alexander, the musician regarded as the father of kaiso jazz, died on Thursday at 82.

One month later, no one enticed by $.5 million reward
THE $500,000 reward for information into the killings of prison officers Trevor Serrette and Nigel Jones is still being offered by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service.

Foreign Currency Dealers' Alert from TTPS
The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service has issued an alert to citizens on conducting foreign currency transactions.

Addressing obesity

COVID funeral chaos, grave mistakenly dug up for burial
After waiting a week to bury their loved one who succumbed to COVID-19, a family's grief was compounded yesterday after the burial almost did not take place.

Couple's 'suspenseful' engagement goes viral

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