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Vaccine equity at home, too
Posted: Sunday, February 28, 2021

Vaccine equity at home, too
We note the ANSA McAL Group's public commitment to assist the governments of T&T and other Caricom countries in funding the purchase of vaccines. Such support from the corporate sector is to be commended. However, national public health priorities require that the Government's supply allotments, whether financed with public funds or private donations, be used in strict conformity with the ministry's roll-out criteria.

Moonilal: Vaccines for rich, none for the poor if private firms play role in vaccinations
A day after the Ansa McAl group announced plans to offer covid19 vaccines to its staff members and their immediate families once they become available, an Opposition MP called on the Health Minister to clarify private firms' roles in the distribution process.

100,800 vaccines approved for T&T, Deyalsingh announces
The health minister said the 100,800 vaccines cost a total of US $504,000.

First tranche of AstraZeneca by end of March
Deyalsingh: T&T to get 100,800 vaccines through COVAX...

Vaccine diplomacy, a new power tool for rich countries
Vaccine diplomacy is the term being used to describe how the larger states wield their "soft power" to strengthen ties and enhance their power and global status.

US Embassy: Cuba, Venezuela must make democratic reforms to improve relationship

WASA phased out by 2023
Public utility 'too expensive to maintain'...

Persad-Bissessar says failed Energy Minister must go
OPPOSITION Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said if Government is serious about getting TT out of the economic crisis "they created", it must get the energy sector working again.

Caricom calls for free and fair elections in Haiti
Moise has vowed to rule by decree until a new parliament is elected and a new president is sworn in on February 7, 2022. He was elected in a 2015 but that poll was later cancelled on grounds of fraud. He was elected again in 2016. Moise was only sworn into office on February 7, 2017, and he and his supporters say that since his mandate only began on that date, it ends in 2022. Haitian opposition parties have staged public protests to demand Moise's removal.

'Forex shortage may lead to rise in food prices'
The foreign exchange shortage that is hurting the economy right now can lead to an increase in food prices, and intervention is needed to prevent this from happening.

Public servant urged: Take a day off Tuesday
But Duke responded that the Government was "weakening strong men with families and licking up working people, leading to hundreds of thousands being very fearful". He said it was Government who was "top-heavy" with the number of ministers.

March 2óDay for WASA workers to rest and reflect
He said, "We must send a strong message to Rowley that enough is enough." Duke said they were fed up with the threats and provocation being directed towards the working class of T&T.

WASA owing Watson Duke's wife for contracts
One week after a Cabinet sub-committee's report into the operations of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) claimed trade unions representing employees were engaged in the supply of goods and services to the organisation, confirmation has come from the head of the Public Services Association (PSA) that his wife owns an engineering firm which has been awarded contracts by WASA in the past.

Are criminals born or made?
Regardless of where you stand on that debate, understanding what causes people to engage in deviant beha≠viours is the first step to preventing violent crime from happening or reoccurring, says forensic psychologist Dr Ayesha Prout.

Tobagonian actor Winston Duke to portray Marcus Garvey in new movie

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