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Time to move on from Patriotic
Posted: Saturday, February 20, 2021

Ramnarine: Time to move on from Patriotic
"In effect it would mean the Government of Trinidad and Tobago giving up some TT$5-$6 billion in revenue," he stated, "which would mean the people of Trinidad and Tobago paying for the refinery for Patriotic Energies, who would then have an unencumbered refinery." Ramnarine believes that Patriotic Energies and Technologies failed to secure the finances needed to complete the negotiation.

Parliament passes bill to increase Tobago electoral districts to 15
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley, who piloted the bill, said the proposal to have 15 electoral areas in Tobago instead of the current 12 is to ensure another tie doesn't occur again.

Augustine urges PDP supporters: 'Stand and resist' changes to THA Act
Augustine said a rollover executive council could not satisfy the most important requirement of democracy in Tobago. He said the current impasse preventing the election of a presiding officer further cements the need for Tobago's autonomy. He accused the Prime Minister of using the Parliament to advance the agenda of the People's National Movement (PNM) on the island.

THA Clerk served with pre-action protocol letter
The Clerk is now expected to reconvene the Assemblymen within three working days, to put the election of the Presiding Officer to the vote one more time.

'THA must draw lots'
Kamla on tie-breaker:

The sale of RBC to Caribbean banks follows the similar acquisitions of Canadian based banks by Caribbean entities. In 2019, much of Bank of Nova Scotia's stake in the Eastern Caribbean was sold to Trinidad and Tobago's Republic Bank. In October last year, BNS declared that it had reached an arrangement for the sale of its services in Antigua and Barbuda to the Eastern Caribbean Amalgamated Bank Limited (ECAB). That settlement is subject to regulatory permissions and other conventional closing requirements.

Customs, Port Authority admit to backlog
"An average container has goods for 100 customers," Ramsubhag said. "From November to January we handled over 133 containers. So that would be 1,300 customers, with customers having multiple packages to inspect." Ramsubhag added that the port is also affected by a lack of human resources as it is operating at 60 per cent capacity.

Elderly man with comorbidities succumbs to COVID-19
The person was an elderly male with multiple comorbidities. This brings the total number of coronavirus related deaths to 139.

What is the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine?
It's a viral vector vaccine created from a weakened version of a common cold virus and does not cause illness. Once administered to a person, it trains their immune system to recognise and fight off the infection.

More women seek training with guns
Apart from frequent training at the range, Lalchan said more women are taking part in firearm sporting activities. Lalchan agreed with the former executive director of the National Operations Centre Garvin Heerah that more women should arm themselves.

Griffith: Gender-Based Violence Unit also for male victims
He said men may be apprehensive about going to a police station to report an abusive spouse only to be teased by other men. But, he said stations will be laid out in such a way that male victims, who are embarrased to go to a front desk to make a report, can do so privately. Griffith also said there have been reports in the past where people have been uncomfortable making reports of assault because they were in a same-sex relationship.

Furniture, fixtures seized from EFCL over unpaid $1m debt
A contractor from Penal has levied against the Education Facilities Company Limited (EFCL) over an unpaid $1 million debt for work done on four schools five years ago.

Tobago resident mourns over poisoned dogs: 'I had to watch them die'
Veterinary surgeon Dr Kern Johnson said he is aware of similar incidents of dogs being poisoned. "The incidence seems to me higher during the rainy season. To curb these incidences, both owners of sheep and goats and dogs that attack need to be more responsible and provide the relevant security and infrastructures," he said.

Lorry driver killed at his home
Police are looking into the circumstance surrounding the murder of a 45-year-old lorry driver on Thursday night, who reportedly was shot dead at his Claxton Bay home. The deceased has been identified as Peter Joseph, of Riversdale Drive, Sum Sum Hill in Claxton Bay.

Police search for two men after attempted abduction in Cunupia
They grabbed a bag that the woman was carrying and then attempted to pull her into the vehicle. However, the woman raised an alarm.

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