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OWTU blanked a third time
Posted: Friday, February 19, 2021

OWTU blanked a third time over refinery purchase
At the post-Cabinet media briefing at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann's, Finance Minister Colm Imbert said the company had only made proposals, but no firm binding offer.

Timeline of Patriotic's bid for refinery
November 2018 – State-owned Petrotrin was closed.

WHO head praises Rowley on T&T's COVID-19 fight
"I would also like to recognise that Trinidad and Tobago- your country- has done very well in this pandemic and this is because of your leadership," the WHO director-general told Dr Rowley. Dr Ghebreyesus also credited and commended the successful management of the outbreak to the non-medical interventions such as the Public Health Regulations and restrictions.

Rowley addresses vaccine equity at WHO covid19 conference
Rowley said the region's history was "littered with instances of destructive behaviour, disrespectful dominance, imbalances and other forms of man's inhumanity to man. "But on this rare occasion, when we are all yoked to an invisible destroyer, it is my hope and plea that, when the journal of this experience is written, it would deviate from what is mostly the norm and record that on this occasion, the rich took care of the poor, and the small and the impecunious were not trampled with disdain by those who could have done so simply because they had the wherewithal to do it."

PM slams attack on Deyalsingh: Pure mischief
'I accepted the offer knowing that not all suppliers of these products from India had received WHO clearance. I anticipated and it did come to pass that by the time we got the items and waited a while, the WHO only recently certified the source supplier in India and thus we were able to use these vaccines, not on the Cabinet, but on our frontline health care givers.'

Why I didn't take Covid vaccine'
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley explained that he did not take the Covid-19 vaccine on Wednesday because he did not want to deprive frontline health care workers who are more at risk of contracting the deadly virus.

Rowley: Vaccines for Venezuelans

More vaccinations mean Carnival 2022
"If it was to be a really, completely normal one you would need to get about 85 per cent of your population vaccinated. Because then you would have complete herd immunity," he said.

Tributes pour in for iconic runner Granny Luces
On starting her long-distance running career in her fifties, Lewis said, "She made it hard for a lot of people to find an excuse not to be active...I recall I think reading in 2016 that she had participated in the Guapo to Pt Fortin race. If you do the arithmetic she had to be in her late 80s because that would have been about five years ago. Granny Luces contribution is incredible. She would have inspired a lot of people to get up and walk even if they did not want to take on the challenge of a marathon."

‘Granny Luces' lived by national watchwords

Drifting boat filled with dead bodies: T&T asked for help
Guyana has done aerial and sea searches and an energy company with assets offshore was asked to locate and tow the boat to shore. However, because of a delay in getting permissions for its parent company, and bad weather, the hook up could not be made and the boat filled with dead people drifted away.

Morris' criminal record released
Under fire for the beating to death of Andrea Bharatt kidnap-murder suspect Andrew Morris while in custody, police have released a file showing Morris had matters pending before the court.

DPP appeals judge's ruling after ex-cop freed of corruption charges
THE Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has appealed a judge's decision to stay an indictment against a former policeman who was accused of corruptly soliciting and receiving a bribe in 2005.

Doctor calls for Medical Board to resign over Sawh slurs
Alleyne, who first e-mailed a complaint to the board last year, spoke to the media after filing a formal complaint against Sawh on Thursday afternoon as he staged a one-man protest outside the board's Mt Hope office. He said the board had said it couldn't consider his first complaint and an official complaint must be made using a complaint form.

Doctor files formal complaint against Dr Sawh over racist comments

Barrackpore man accused of defrauding persons of $354K for vehicles
A Barrackpore man was expected to appear before a Princes Town Magistrate on Wednesday charged with six counts of fraudulent conversion and one count of larceny.

San Fernando PH driver robs woman
Claiming "an accident" forced him to change route, a private-for-hire driver and a male accomplice posing as a passenger robbed a 59-year-old woman, then put her out of the car. Up to Thursday, La Romaine and San Fernando CID police were searching for the two bandits.

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