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Trade Ministry allocates $20m for SME certification
Posted: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Trade Ministry allocates $20m for SME certification
THE TRADE MINISTRY, in conjuction with the TT Manufacturers' Association and ExporTT, on Tuesday launched the National Export Booster Initiative, a suite of 16 programmes to enhance export promotion, capacity building and institutional strengthening within the manufacturing sector. The initiatives are intended to increase TT's export value by 10 per cent by the end of the 2020/2021 fiscal year, and to double its $2.7 billion dollar input into TT's economy by 2024.

Gopee-Scoon: Steel, feed prices will go down, hopefully

Health workers get first doses of COVID-19 vaccine today
The North Central Health Authority (NCRHA), which controls the main COVID-19 treatment facilities, said it will commence immunization with "those frontline health workers, specifically employed at its COVID facilities – Arima Hospital, Caura Hospital, Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, Couva Hospital Facility, as well as its step-down facilities throughout the region."

Tobago 19 days covid19-free

Tobago expecting 30,000 vaccines on February 25

Flight attendant suspended amid probe into 'false kidnapping claim'
However the police later rubbished the allegations as baseless and mischievous, stating that Collier tested positive for the coronavirus upon arrival in Jamaica and, in keeping with Jamaica's COVID-19 prevention protocols, was placed in isolation as stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Wellness. She departed the island earlier this week.

Griffith accuses Kamla of referring to officers as monsters
'You're trying to fight a monster, but do not become the monster. I make it very clear…we stand on the side of the rule of law. Every citizen is entitled to due process of law. The day the rule of law breaks down in this land, we will have a police state.'

UNC: Kamla right to warn of threat of T&T becoming police state

Police shoo entertainers dancing to music on pavement
"Suddenly there were six heavily-armed police there telling us to move and that they're coming back. That just killed the vibe. We weren't going to be there all day, we weren't going to encourage a crowd."

Hundreds turn up for Savannah lime

Claxton Bay boy, 16, released from custody after fatal shooting
Homicide investigators have released the 16-year-old boy who was taken into custody after the recent shooting death of his 16-year-old relative Tamika Griffith.

CoP: Gangs recruiting 14-year-old boys
CRIMINAL gangs in Trinidad and Tobago are recruiting members as young as 14, 15 and 16-years-old into their ranks. Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith made this disclosure to members of the National Security Joint Select Committee on Monday. In doing so, he lamented that the absence of effective anti-gang legislation could reverse gains being made by the police to deal with criminal gangs in the country.

Waiting for Leah to come home
Vanished in 2009

The Cemetery Street murders
What residents believed to be fireworks celebrating the New Year 2014, were the multiple gunshots that killed Omardath Deokienanan and his wife, Angela Sharon Bahadur. Omardath, 50, and Angela, 47, had only a small wooden home, few possessions, a Nissan B-14, and each other.

Woman slashes taxi driver's face in Arima kidnap attempt
Police said the woman got into a silver Tiida at around 7.10 am on Broadway, Arima to go to Cumuto. The woman became alarmed when the driver turned left onto Aripo Road instead of driving towards Cumuto.

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