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RHAs have spent $102m on covid19
Posted: Saturday, October 17, 2020

Deyalsingh: RHAs have spent $102m on covid19
"I could tell you offhand ERHA (Eastern RHA) spent $9.5 million on covid. North Central spent the bulk – $56.9 million –South-West $26.5 million, North-West $9.2 million..."

FFOS run reveals Nabarima really tilting
With pictures taken yesterday showing the oil tanker tilting in the water, Venezuela has agreed to Government’s request to do an official inspection of the vessel on Tuesday.

Imbert: Time for realistic water rate
He was speaking on Thursday night at the PNM virtual post-budget meet-up. "We have decided the time has come to deal with water rates and electricity rates," he announced.

Caricom stakeholders push for legally binding Caribbean Sea biodiversity agreement

Examining your breasts: What to look for
There are so many viruses and diseases to be vigilant about it can sometimes seem overwhelming, but as the most commonly-occurring cancer in women and the second most common cancer overall, breast cancer should always be a priority for women everywhere. The American Institute for Cancer Research recorded over two million new cases in 2018.

Two new covid19 deaths bring total to 95
Two people have died from covid19, bringing the total number of deaths to 95. The two people were an elderly male and a female, both with pre-existing medical conditions.

British MP Baker responds to Rowley
Baker, the Conservative representative for Wycombe, did not refer to PM Rowley by name in a Facebook post yesterday, but said, "I would never have imagined that showing some simple compassion for people stuck away from home would generate so much controversy. God bless you all."

Trini chef on way home from Spain thankful for 'miracle' exemption

New $5, $10, $20 polymer bills coming in November

CoP: TTPS remains autonomous
'The Commissioner of Police wishes to advise that the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service performs its own investigations. It has been a well-settled practice that the TTPS would hire external professional entities to assist with complex investigations, especially issues surrounding fraud. This is not an anomaly as even other entities such as the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), have hired external professionals to assist them in the execution of their functions, including well-known forensic investigator, Bob Lindquist.'

Griffith embraces foreign help for DSS probe

Commissioner heads out of T&T
The announcement follows Griffith’s initial application for vacation which was set to begin on October 3, but was subsequently postponed due to numerous high-level investigations going on within the TTPS.

Dil-E-Nadan singer Ramnarine has end-stage kidney failure
Rennie Ramnarine of Dil-E-Nadan was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure over a year ago. His family, including younger brothers Richard and Raymond, who perform alongside him in the band started by their father, made a public appeal for a kidney donor in September 2019.

$2m bail for two men charged with trying to post cocaine
TWO men were granted bail of $2 million when they appeared before a Port of Spain magistrate charged with trying to post a quantity of cocaine and possession of a dangerous drug.

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