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Gary slams Ralph Brown
Posted: Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Gary slams Ralph Brown: There are leaders and there are followers
Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith is hitting back at retired Major General Ralph Brown, after he called on the Commissioner to be more respectful to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Noble: The sound of a dying democracy; the problem with Bayside party exchange
History teaches that appeasement never works with bullies. The quarrel played into the script of social and economic inequality, along with racial unease, that threatens our nation's foundation.

Update: 40 more test positive for COVID-19
According to the Ministry of Health's (MoH) 6 pm clinical update, these new cases are from samples taken during the period September 4 to September 14.

Khan: Energy sector's future lies in the deep
ENERGY Minister Franklin Khan says "if all goes well," the BHP Broadside Well will be the "deepest ever drilled in TT."

Gov't preparing team to inspect sinking Nabarima vessel
The sinking tanker, which is permanently docked between Venezuela and TT has nearly 1.1 million barrels of crude oil stored in it.

BHP continues its deepwater exploration
Australian Outfit BHP Billiton has discovered between 5 and 6.6 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of natural gas in T&T's deepwater, according to Energy Minister Franklin Khan.

THE search was continuing last night for a woman believed to have abducted the nine-month-old baby of a young Venezuelan mother from the victim's apartment in Central Trinidad.

Cops rescue baby Sofia in Curepe
According to police reports, after receiving intelligence, officers went to an apartment at Mc Inroy Street in Curepe just after 11 pm, where they recovered the nine-month-old baby girl, who had been abducted from her mother Valentina Hernandez earlier on Tuesday.

Kidnapped baby rescued: Ransom was demanded
Police said that a ransom of $20,000 which was demanded for the child, was not paid.

Police find, caution 'private beach' owner
AFTER three days, the police have found a woman who recorded a now-viral video at what she claims was "her own private beach."

Health Minister 'aggressive, inappropriate'
"Much like the scores of people walking the streets without masks or improperly wearing masks, I think this video suggests that there needs to be an emphasis on empathetic leadership and a commitment towards implementing a social and behaviour-change communication strategy. People are being asked to behave in radically different ways to what they're accustomed to, and we need to find innovative ways to support the transformation we expect to see."

Liquidators start process to sell Trincity, Long Circular Malls

MSJ tells Gov't: Don't stop School Feeding Programme

Lights out for Felicity Divali celebrations
There will be no mass display of lighted deyas in Felicity this year on Divali night. Celebrations on Cacandee Road, normally a hub of activity for Divali, will be cancelled this year.

Returning nationals: 'Young is the most hard-working minister undercover'
"This is so much worse. Because it's invisible. Because it depends on you, who's never met me, to wear your mask every single chance we might interact. It depends on you focusing on building up our leaders' efforts rather than criticizing constantly."

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