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Economist Dukharan predicts $20b budget deficit
Posted: Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Economist Dukharan predicts $20b budget deficit
In April, Imbert said the 2020 budget deficit for the year was set to be an unprecedented $15.5 billion made up of the previously-calculated deficit of $5.3 billion plus $10.2 billion on expenditure/losses due to covid19.

Over 74,000 salary relief grants paid to tune of $112 million

Tax-breaks on laptops are in effect, says Finance Ministry
The update comes after several notices circulated via social media erroneously claiming that the removal of the taxes were not yet in effect.

Pool party in gated community
...cops called, but limers only get warning

Two more covid19 deaths bring TT's total to 39
The first, reported in the Ministry of Health's 10 am update was an elderly female with co-morbidities. The ministry's 6 pm update said an elderly male with co-morbidities was the day's second fatality.

Warner still in quarantine, but doing well
Warner is the second politician to have contracted covid19

Virtual teaching begins this week at primary, secondary schools
Although virtual classes were set by the Ministry of Education to begin on next Monday with this week reserved for orientation of students and parents, many schools will resume virtual classes this week.

Early hiccups for online teaching process
She said one donor has placed an order for 10,000 devices and promised that by next week a tally of donated devices would be announced.

Colon Cancer: Does Early Screening Save Lives?
Colorectal cancer, which causes tumours in the colon and rectum, most commonly affects people who are 50 and older. But experts have been troubled by the growing body of research showing a steady rise in the number of young people diagnosed. While colorectal cancer screening with colonoscopies beginning at the age of 50 has undoubtedly saved lives, colorectal cancer remains a prevalent and challenging disease. In the next 15 years, more than one in 10 colon cancers and a quarter of all rectal cancer cases will be diagnosed in patients younger than the traditional screening age of 50, reported by researchers at Harvard Health.

COTT now national distributor for digital music codes
The ISRC enables the tracking of these recordings through the music value chain. This means that members of COTT, as well as other interested persons, can acquire these codes through COTT. This will enable them to facilitate the easy distribution of their music through digital platforms and track where in the world their music is played and how often.

In-house accounting error blamed for CEPEP scandal
In a release on September 6, Michael said, "The CEPEP Board of Directors approved salary increases in November of the year 2019 and is currently awaiting the approval of the HR committee and the Chief Personnel Officer (CPO). The CEO and the Corporate Secretary have not received any increase in salary."

State to challenge judge's order to release seized funds
When the order was granted ex-parte in December 2019, the couple were to each file a declaration under sections 58(1) and 61(1) of the Civil Asset Recovery and Management and Unexplained Wealth Act within 28 days. It was the first matter brought to the court after the legislation became law.

EMA pleads with public to report poaching of protected species
This follows recent media reports warning of an alleged increase in the poaching of sea turtles and the shooting death of an Ocelot in Northeast Trinidad.

El Pecos's gas supplier considers appeal
In her ruling, Quinlan-Williams said, based on the evidence, she was satisfied that the actions of the driver of the LPG truck caused the explosion. She said had it not been for the breach in safety procedures by North Plant's employee, the explosion would not have taken place. She ordered North Plant to pay nominal damages of $600,000 to Continental Corporation, the owners of the property which housed the El Pecos restaurant and other businesses.

Point Fortin woman's house put up for sale without her knowing
Imagine waking up to see advertisements with the notice that the house you are living in is now for sale at $200,000.

Teen goes missing in Chaguanas, police ask public for help to find her
Police are seeking the public's help in locating a 15-year-old girl from Chaguanas.

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