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CMO: covid19 spreading in clusters
Posted: Sunday, August 9, 2020

CMO: covid19 spreading in clusters
Chief Medical Officer Dr Roshan Parasram says TT does not fall into the WHO country classification of "community spread." Instead it is in the transmission classification of "cluster."

Traveler from Trinidad to Tobago tests COVID positive: Search for contacts begins
The person was tested in Trinidad as part of the on-going community surveillance testing. The individual journeyed to Tobago before the xresults were received.

Tobago records 1st COVID case in 4 months

CMO responds to resignation rumours
"As you know, I'm still here. Since the time I was appointed CMO, I have never submitted any resignation to anyone. So I hope that clears it up once and for all. I think we got a number of false resignation social media posts since April or thereabouts, and I think the last one was recently. I have never submitted a resignation letter to my Permanent Secretary or anybody else during that time," he stated.

More men testing positive

Voting hours will not be extended
"We were in court for nearly a year. The court said though well-intentioned we did not have the discretion to extend the time beyond 6 pm so that will not be happening again. Come rain or hail that will not be happening again," Narcis-Scope said.

EBC: Respect election laws or face consequences
The Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) is calling on political parties, candidates contesting the upcoming Parliamentary Elections, electors and other democratic stakeholders to respect the laws or face the consequences.

Flash flooding, landslides, fallen trees reported after heavy rainfall

Flood victims complain about neglect

Narcis-Scope: Modernising how people vote
Applications for poll-day staff positions were available online. She said over half of the 40,000 people who applied did so online. In addition to the convenience, it greatly reduced the size of the crowd visiting the EBC’s office to collect application forms. Training videos have also been produced to give polling-day staff more consistent training throughout all electoral districts.

CMO looking into claims of exposure by workers at two hospitals

Supporters flout Covid measures
Even with 50 new cases in the country as of last night, several thousand supporters were in a frenzy around the country yesterday as they defied physical distancing to support their political party of choice.

Miles of red and yellow motorcades
Parties make final push for votes before Election Day

Dillon celebrates $12m Techier Community Centre
AFTER three years, the $12 million Techier Community Centre in Point Fortin is finally complete. Housing Minister and former Point Fortin MP Edmund Dillon says the new facility is a result of his advocacy and the willingness of Minister of Social Development, Culture and the Arts Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly.

Remembering Makandal Daaga
A true black hero

K'den, 11, has an 'MBA', makes masks, sells face shields
K'den, who plays hockey with QPCC, said he took an online course that his mother found on Facebook which taught children about entrepreneurship. He learned about target marketing and business management from the course – Kids MBA – which ran for three weeks in July.

Analysts: Tight Race for election 2020

The 45: women on the road to governance
“With 30 per cent of the selected election candidates overall being women this ratio meets the minimum threshold established globally for norms and standards in leadership and political participation. This is aligned to the 2011 UN General Assembly resolution on women’s political participation,” CIWiL said in a statement.

Chaguanas East could decide everything
The constituency of Chaguanas East is turning out to be one of the major battle grounds for the 2020 general election, as all the candidates have expressed varying degrees of confidence in emerging victorious.

Kamla: 'Growley' does not want you to vote
She said "Mr Growley" was offended that only John did anything to help people affected by recent flooding in La Horquetta/Talparo. PNM candidate Foster Cummings was also in the field during the same floods, overseeing relief efforts to affected people.

The politics of Beetham: Yellow flags but red at heart?
Hinds might not have been popular in the Beetham at that time, but historically, Laventille West has never been in the hands of any party other than the PNM. Even in 1986, when the National Alliance for Reconstruction trounced the PNM by an unbelievable 33-3, Laventille West was one of the three seats the PNM retained (held by the late Morris Marshall).

Alexander: PEP set to win 28 seats
He said the fact that the North American Caribbean Teachers Association (NACTA) poll did not predict a clear winner, showed the population is ready for the change that his party hoped to bring.

PNM's Sharon Archie wants to inspire Caroni East

The third force
The battle for the Chaguanas East constituency is regarded in some quarters to be a two-horse race between the country's major political parties, the United National Congress (UNC) and the People's National Movement (PNM). But for Matthew Gibbs, this election represents the ideal opportunity for the Progressive Empowerment Party (PEP) to put an end to the duopoly enjoyed by these two parties.

'I can't breathe' Ex-councillor stabbed during election activities
A police report said that Gonzales, who lives at Basseterre, was in a maxi-taxi parked at the side of the road when a man entered the vehicle. There was an altercation and the former councillor told the man to leave the vehicle.

Judiciary denounces Facebook posts on Aboud
The release from the Judiciary said: "The Judiciary calls on the administrators of the site to remove the offensive image immediately and apologise to Justice Aboud. Members of the public are again called upon to desist from character assassination and other forms of misinformation that are only meant, unfortunately, to skew public opinion."

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