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Virologist urges wearing of masks
Posted: Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Virologist urges wearing of masks
"One of the most important is wearing a mask. It needs to be worn to cover the nose and mouth. Masks are not comfortable but they're proven to be very effective especially in stopping people from spreading the virus if they have it," he said. He noted that the masks are effective for clinical cases, as well as those who are asymptomatic or are in the presymptomatic phase. This phase occurs just before someone experiences symptoms of the virus.

Principals Assn head says: Schools can open but...
PRIMARY School Principals' Association president Lance Mottley called for people not to panic in light of the spike in covid19 cases in schools.

Moruga lawmen under self-quarantine

BP to cut dividends as it prepares for fossil fuel decline
London-based BP said it will increase spending on low-carbon technology, including renewable energy projects, 10-fold to $5 billion a year over the next decade. The company expects oil and gas production to drop by about 40 percent over the same period

Refinery deal to close in weeks or months

BP announces major cutbacks, implications for T&T

Laventille residents breathe easy
AFTER BEING SHUT DOWN for almost a year, Angostura will re-activate its water resource recovery and anaerobic digester facility, making the plant 100 per cent compliant with the Environmental Management Authority's parameters for operation, and allowing for the plant to operate at 100 per cent capacity.

HDC to head team charged with preventing repeat of La Horquetta floods
This comes after a short period of intense thunder showers produced flash flooding and street flooding in parts of East Trinidad including Tecoma Boulevard and Ladybird Avenue in La Harquetta

Talk show host dies while hosting show
The Association of Caribbean Media Workers (ACM) yesterday said it was "shocked and sad" at the death of veteran social activist and broadcaster Jerry S George while hosting his early-morning Internet show, Early in the Morning with Jerry S George.

The Prince of Moruga: It's time for a reality check

TTPBA wants cops to probe use of newspaper masthead for fake news
This follows the misrepresentation of the Sunday Express' front page which appeared to have been photoshopped. On August 2, the daily newspaper highlighted a poll ahead of the August 2 general elections. 'PNM ahead' was the main headline. However, this was changed to 'UNC ahead' with the graph showcasing the false change.

Voter turnout key to victory (Conclusion)
The Nigel Henry Poll: Conclusion

Subhas Panday accuses PNM of 'pelting mud'
In a phone interview on Tuesday he said at this point, the majority of principals are in agreement with re-opening of schools on September 1, but there is a need for thought, analysis and conversation as to how schools will function on reopening.

Rowley: UNC giving out stoves, fridges for votes

UNC planned a security 'dome' around T&T , social media thought otherwise

Roget in racist rant against journalists
The Media Association (MATT) is considering filing a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) against Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) president Ancel Roget, after he referred to editors of the three daily newspapers as "house ni**ers".In a statement hours after Roget attacked the media houses at a press conference yesterday, MATT described his references as an egregious example of infantile leadership

Judge denies Moonilal request, to deliver judgment
JUSTICE James Aboud, the judge who heard the multi-million dollar civil lawsuit against opposition member Roodal Moonilal brought against him by the Estate Management and Business Development Company (EMBD), is sticking to his word.

UNC: Probe Young family connection
THE United National Congress (UNC) is urging the police and the Integrity Commission to investigate conflict of interest allegations against Minister of National Security Stuart Young relative to his brother's position in a finance firm which has hefty loan contracts with Government.

UNC candidate threatens legal action against PEP leader

...I'm going full speed ahead
This was the comment of UNC Princes Town candidate Barry Padarath when told yesterday that the PNM had formally announced that it would legally challenge his nomination.

After walking into woman's house at 4a.m., knifed to death
A man was stabbed to death during an altercation with another man at the home of a woman early Monday. Keith Haynes, 54, died after a single stab to to the chest.

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