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19,000 SEA pupils back to school
Posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2020

19,000 SEA pupils back to school
T&T Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) plans to raise concerns over the delay in delivery of sanitisation supplies to some schools with the Ministry of Education today.

Returning SEA students ready for "new normal"

COVID-19 re-infections still uncertain
The science on whether someone treated for COVID-19 can be re-infected with the virus is still up in the air. Many researchers are still trying to determine the possibility of re-infection and whether a re-infection could point to a resurge in symptoms for the patient.

Touchstone estimates 381 billion cubic feet gas find in Ortoire's Cascadura field
Touchstone is the 80 per cent working interest operator while Heritage Petroleum Co Ltd has 20 per cent working interest.

Entertainment stakeholders to lobby Gov't to reopen the sector

Big money in T&T's mangroves, says UWI professor
'Carbon is bought and sold globally. In California, in Europe, in China etc. People are very worried about offsetting their carbon footprint. For example if you took an airline flight, you could decide that you want to offset the carbon emissions for the flight by purchasing carbon that's an option in many airlines. However British Airways has said they will offset their carbon emissions by putting money into areas where carbon is sequestered.'

Using technology to monitor, mitigate coastal damage

Tobago company expands regional export of aggregate to SVG
"People within the entertainment and nightlife industry have been quiet and patient for quite some time but even with no local cases in over 80 days, our silence seems to have been taken for granted and our industry as a whole," he wrote.

Police solve 41 of 252 murders

CoP vows to close all high profile cases

Fired minister finally speaks
AN unsigned media statement posted on social media on Monday purportedly from former sports minister Darryl Smith queried an unfair dismissal claim by his former personal secretary Carrie-Ann Moreau and apologised to his family over the matter which led to his dismissal.

Gary: You need proper permission for a motorcade
"Not everyone wants to be involved in a political meeting or to get a jersey and you can't inconvenience people because of your role and your function and your goals and your needs," he explained.

Kamla: What's wrong with giving youth jobs?
"When I formed the government in 2010 there were only two of us with any Cabinet experience, Winston Dookeran and me. When we go back in, there will be three of us with Cabinet experience. So do not let your hearts be troubled. To say that you must have experience to do the job, you will never get a job because if you do not get the job to gain the experience how will you ever get a job?

Contract for Damien vessels under Partnership govt

150 candidates, 19 parties in the election race

UNC flags go up in Beetham
"We know what works for this area. We have plans - having computer stations at community centres, skills bank to store resources and manage how to channel people into jobs, homework centres for children to take them off the streets. Many parents here work two jobs. We had a 'No Borders' plan to deal with crime which at one point dropped the rate to two a month," he said.

PM: Duke is UNC's Tobago agent

UNC questions how Rowley knew about EMBD corruption case

DPP: Cops have extra work in EMBD case
Officers looked into the alleged pillaging of taxpayers' money through a fraudulent scheme at the state entity. The probe revealed that a prominent politician "orchestrated a scheme that resulted in significant funds being secured and spent by the EMBD six weeks before the September 2015 general election amounting to a staggering $549 million.

CoP on Lifesport, EMBD probes: More progress in last 6 months than last 6 years

Kesar: Political victimisation causing 'imbalance' in Pt Fortin
ERNESTO Kesar, MSJ (Movement for Social Justice) candidate for Point Fortin says only "select groups" of people usually benefit from state funds in constituency. But once elected, he said, he will help resolve the "continued imbalance" owing to political victimisation.

Kenneth Lalla: a tribute
THE FOLLOWING quotation is from an August 1999 article of mine about an incident that had occurred several years earlier when I was permanent secretary to the Prime Minister and head of the Public Service.

Scared straight to Barbados

'Pitbull of radio' injured in shooting
Williams co-hosts the Ground Report series air on Mondays to Thursdays between 6 and 9 am.

2nd autopsy confirms death by hanging
But relatives are still dubious about his death, and will bury the 30-year-old Layne on Thursday with burning questions still on their mind.

Businessman's son, minister's relative held with marijuana
The officers executed a search warrant at the home of a 39-year-old man located at Anchor Drive, Westmoorings, where they found and seized in various glass jars high-grade marijuana.

Missing: Christian Seaton
Christian was last seen at his Smart Street, St Augustine home at 8 am on Saturday 18 July, 2020. He was reported missing at 4.30 pm on Monday 20 July, 2020.

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