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Hands up, then shot
Posted: Monday, June 29, 2020

Hands up, then shot
Fuzzy videos show trio's fatal encounter with police

Father of man killed by police insists: It was murder
Jacob said his son was not known to be in any criminal activity and he is confused as to why his son would be sought by the police. "I worked as a principal for many years at the Maraval RC School, I've helped a lot of young people keep on to the straight and narrow path and I even had good relations with the police." But this here, what happened to my son, Jacob said, was just not right. He is calling for a thorough investigation.

Family insists innocent man shot dead by police
Police Commissioner Gary Griffith said the two were not linked and a statement by the Police Service said Jacobs pulled a gun on an officer when he returned to the car.

Tunapuna's killing fields
Two weeks ago, Kathleen Theroule, 56, and her 19-year-old son Keron were riddled with bullets inside their Cornelius Street home. The murders kicked off in January when Kenneth Maitlan was shot outside his apartment building on Ali Street. Two months later, Vaughndell Joseph was found dead in a drain on St Vincent Street.

"If we are honest, we know that we have a situation where Tobago is completely dependent on Trinidad and that is proven by even the numbers that we presented in the budget where we were saying that we make $200 million, but we're asking for close to $5 billion, that is a level of dependence that Tobago has on Trinidad that I'm not sure anyone can deny."

Parliament heads for recess
According to Standing Order 11 and subject to Standing Order 13 of the House of Representatives "unless there are urgent or extraordinary reasons for doing so, no sitting of the House of Representatives shall be held from the first week in July to the first week in the month of September in any year."The Senate takes its recess during the same period, with provisions for the recess outlined in Standing Order 10 of the Senate and subject to Standing Order 12.

Chaos on ‘Enchantment of the Seas'
293 angry as quarantine extended after positive tests for Covid-19...

No alcohol for bars breaching regulations
Bars that do not comply with the COVID-19 guidelines for reopening, will not be supplied with alcoholic products from today.

It's up to parents to protect their children
....Now that Covid-19 measures are being relaxed

Caroni's shrinking landholdings
Since then, Caroni's assets have dwindled to the extent that only about 18,464 acres are left. In the years since the closure of the state-owned sugar company, land grabbers have occupied some acreages.

74 more hotel rooms coming
A PRIVATE hotel development is under way in Tobago. Chief Secretary and Secretary of Tourism Ancil Dennis revealed this last week at the post-Executive Council media briefing at the Scarborough Library. He said this development would add another 74 more rooms to the island's stock.

Columbus has got to go
Speaking at the demonstration coordinator of the Cross Rhodes Freedom Project Shabaka Kambon said there was need from the authorities in removing the statue. He said Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez acknowledged that there was need for the statue to be relocated to a museum and said this view was in keeping with various advocacy groups and academics.

Keep politics out of village councils
He said far too often, people see village councils as their personal property. "We have to hold village councils to account. We can't have situations as is happening in several areas where a few people have a lasso around the neck of the whole village and don't want to give up the people village council," he said.

Karim tends to his constituents
AS PART of an ongoing initiative in the Chaguanas East constituency, 100 households were given chicks to start farms as part of MP Fazal Karim's "Eat What You Grow Initiative."

Ministry: Apply for plant import permits
It said this regulation and by extension "Plant Quarantine" was necessary to monitor and prevent the introduction and spread of insect pests, diseases, and weeds.

Chase Village fire leaves 10 homeless
He recalled everyone was having fun when they smelt smoke and noticed fire coming from one of the bedrooms on the top floor of the building. Banwell said, "The fire started in the bedroom where we placed all of my daughter's presents. When I opened the door I saw the mattress ablaze.

Family of five out in the cold
A PENAL family of five experienced sheer terror when a landslip sent their humble wooden house crashing down just after midday on Sunday.

Another teen drowns at Rio Seco waterfall
According to reports, around 4 pm Logan was at the waterfall with a group of friends when he got into difficulties and disappeared under water. His body did not immediately resurface.

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