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PM thanks frontline workers
Posted: Friday, June 19, 2020

PM thanks frontline workers in Labour Day message
"The face of labour as we have known it is changing, and the sudden, devastating appearance of COVID-19 has certainly brought this realisation to the centre stage."

Oil workers happy to return home
The group of oil workers returned just after 4 pm on Wednesday at the Piarco International Airport, more than three months after being stranded in the Gulf of Mexico. They were all taken to the Kapok Hotel where they will remain in quarantine for 14 days.

Health workers on NCRHA arrears payment: 100% not enough
"We have a lot of nursing personnel and health workers on temporary employment. The best clap and the best thanks you could give your health workers is job security."

After apology to PM for WhatsApp comment: Faria offers resignation
"I wish to unreservedly apologise for the tone and for the intemperate comments about the state of play of our politics. It is clear that the language is inappropriate and this I very much regret. Even though these comments were made in private, I accept that I should still have been mindful of my public and professional roles, and in particular, my position as CEO of the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Industry and Commerce," he said.

Chamber CEO sorry for privately slamming politicians
Faria's apology came the day after a post on the Prime Minister's official Facebook page denounced Faria as trying to influence voters while being dismissive of the country's leadership.

Calypsonian cop Duane O’Connor suspended
Griffith said the political persuasion of a police officer must not be promoted through any public means as it could compromise their image as officers of the law.

PEP's Alexander responds to legal threat
"At any time, any police officer in or out of uniform decides to openly condemn or support a political party, or even decide to go up as a candidate and boast on the front page (of a newspaper) that he supports the philosophy and role and function and principles of a political party, those are the types of police officers that must be immediately disciplined," Griffith said.

Venezuelan breaches border, bringing monkeys, birds
Game warden Steve Seepersad said the animals were all protected species and anyone found harbouring the animals without a permit will charged under the Conservation of Wildlife Act.

Wife awakes to a beating from estranged husband
A TRUCK DRIVER who breached a protection order and beat his wife has been sentenced to six months imprisonment with hard labour. The magistrate told Mark Mahabir to use his time in prison to think about how difficult it would be if he had been facing a murder charge.

Woman doused with a flammable substance in Tobago dies
After spending approximately five months at hospital in critical condition, Ellena Dial 19, who was doused with a flammable substance in January has died.

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