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Treat us like teachers
Posted: Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Treat us like teachers
Idi Stuart president of the TT Registered Nurses' Association says nurses should be compensated, like teachers, for their efforts and sacrifices in helping the country deal with the covid19 pandemic. He said it was unfair for the government to make an offer to teachers and not consider a similar offer for nurses.

Protests continue as healthcare workers reject 25% increment payment

Healthcare workers down tools at Arima hospital
"It cannot be that we are standing outside a building that is $1.2 billion (and more are being built), and yet you cannot find the money to make persons permanent. You cannot find the money to pay persons increments that is owned. Something has to be wrong with that. We are going to he forceful."

152 died of pneumonia, respiratory illness for the year to date

Multiple choice, please
For example, just as students come August 20 will have multiple choices to choose from in their exam scripts, perhaps parents should be given the option to decide whether or not their child will sit the exam this year. Parents are in the best position to assess the well-being of their children. Not all are ready, under this year's difficult circumstances.

PoS Mayor Martinez: We'll discuss Columbus
"Those who think that this is a radical proposition must step back and see that it fits clearly with a longstanding global consensus. Germany, for example, has several statues of Hitler by the renowned British sculptor Arnold Brecker. Absolutely no one in their right mind believes that these should be put back on public display because Hitler was part of their history. There is a clear understanding that he represents something that is morally reprehensible."

Columbus statue defaced
As the petition calling for the removal of the statue of Christopher Columbus grew to almost 8,000 signatures in less than a week, some eager activists took the call a step further, defacing the monument in Port-of-Spain on Sunday night.

Historian: "Remove them now"

Mark decries 'PNM fantasy economics'

Jones, Lewis discuss racism in sport
Jones said racism was something he experienced at every level of the sport. "From administration organisations, on the field, from fans, inside the stadium. Even 'til this day I still get messages from all ranges of social media that have a lot of racist undertones."

Black Lives Matter in TT, US
The only people who benefit from the racial divide are the affluent in society, while the "have-nots," she said, are divided, squabble amongst themselves, believe false political promises and end up

Stranded citizen allowed to return to T&T after lawsuit

High CAL flight fee upsets UWI students
"I was not anticipating to pay that much. The most I was prepared to pay was US$300 for a ticket. I really believe the airline should at least have given us a heads-up that the ticket was going to be so costly."

Work to start 'shortly' on new San F'do court

Cops, soldiers in court over homeless man's assault
The four were jointly charged with common assault and misbehaviour in public office. They were granted station bail of $100,000 and are expected to return to court on September 16.

Charged with killing a second lover
The mother of one was killed on May 9 at the home she shared with Sieunarine at Sukhan Trace, Barrackpore. The two were in a relationship for five years.

Burkie, 60 others given September court date
Sea Lots businessman and community leader Cedric "Burkie" Burke and over 60 other people who were arrested by police at an illegal gambling den in San Juan early last week are expected to make their first court appearance in September.

Police on Cabie's killing: It wasn't us
"Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, notes the comments made that there were witnesses to this killing, yet no one has come forward to produce any information, photographs, videos, or even the number plates of any vehicles in the area at the time of the killing."

Killed after reporting police harassment

Man on $200k bail for 776g of marijuana

Two shot in San Juan gang war
Police said the couple of Sunshine Avenue, San Juan, were standing on Bagatelle Road, San Juan, at around 9 pm when they were approached by gunmen who shot them before running away.

'He died in his dad's arms'
While police said they had no motive for Jahdil's murder as he was not known to them and was not known to be in crime or in any gang, his relatives said they believe jealousy was behind his death.

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