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NFM's Q1 profits explode
Posted: Thursday, June 11, 2020

NFM's Q1 profits explode sees higher revenue, controls costs

'Missing money': $476M in old $100 bills not traded in
Hilaire and Mahabir indicated that not all the "missing money" would be "illegal gains" as some persons were not able to meet the deadlines for redemption, while some cash is being held as evidence in legal proceedings.

$45m for public health care due to Covid
Deyalsingh said it is an expensive issue, adding he was “shocked” over the high cost of drugs which are used to care for patients

"It is about five years that she kept running from him. She would run by me, and he would beg her then she would go back to him. He was always drunk. He used to tell her that he loved her. And then after he wanted to chop her up".

'I killed her' - Man walks into Barrackpore police station
In April, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith had said there has been a spike in the number of domestic violence cases in the country.

Soldier knifes mom in the neck, over badly written signature
A 33-year-old soldier from El Socorro has been arrested for the breach of a protection order. A report was made to the St. Joseph Police Station the following day by the mother of his child. She alleged that the soldier came to her home to have her sign a book for payment of child maintenance to which she complied.

Poacher shot in the face by trap gun
Police are investigating a report of a man shot to the face and neck in the Chatham forest early Wednesday.

Kamla's Corpus Christi message:
Let's plant spirituality, acts of kind

Fuad removed as Jamaat PRO
A statement from the religious body yesterday did not offer a reason for Fuad being removed but it stated clearly that he no longer speaks on behalf of the organisation. The imam's former bodyguard Lorris Ballack has been appointed as the new PRO.

Caribbean Congress of Labour stands with Black Lives Matter Movement
They have called for an overhaul of the policing and state structure that will remove systematic racial biases and allow for investment in minority communities.

'Protesters not concerned with the 5,000 killed in the past decade in T&T?'
"So is it that there is no concern, where BLM, for the over 5,000 killed in the last decade, not by police officers? I would like to see the same concern, agony, and frustration, not only when police are involved in shootings. Because we stand in solidarity with the movement," Griffith said.

What about black lives lost in T&T?

Why Penny was granted exemption
So said National Security Minis­ter Stuart Young yesterday, in confirming that Beckles, the Trinidad and Tobago representative to the United Nations was granted an exemption to come home.

Barry wants to come home too
Member of Parliament for Princes Town Barry Padarath says he is in the process applying for an exemption for himself and his infant daughter, so they can return to Trinidad and Tobago.

Cops, soldiers charged after humiliating homeless man
The Trinidad and Tobago Regiment is confirming that two of its soldiers, along with two police officers, have been charged in connection with an incident that happened with the “homeless humiliation” in the first days of the Covid-19 lock down.

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