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Heritage resumes crude oil exports
Posted: Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Heritage resumes crude oil exports
State-owned Heritage Petroleum Company Ltd has resumed export of its crude oil after previously opting to store its oil rather than sell it at record low prices.

Don't overstate tax income again
For years, successive governments may have overstated taxation revenue by not paying VAT and income tax refunds promptly, thereby constraining investment and increasing financing costs.

JTUM: America in no position to tell Trinidad about democracy

Black Lives protester sorry for incident with cop
"I am bipolar. I am sorry." This was the apology offered yesterday by Ian Smart for pulling a cap off a policeman's head during the Black Lives Movement protest in Trinidad and Tobago at the Queen's Park Savannah on Monday.

CoP calls protesters hypocrites after clash with police over filming
Griffith said the protesters were trying to "bait" the police officers in an attempt to "discredit" them. "Yesterday, there was a request by an individual on behalf of four other persons. They expected there to be no more than four or five persons. It got totally out of control. A request was submitted to me as the Commissioner of Police and it was granted. However, hundreds turned up and obviously that could have caused a security health risk, traffic congestion, which is why we need to be aware prior."

Racist police killing of Floyd
This legacy is characterised by "internalised racism," where people who have been racially subordinated perpetuate oppressive beliefs, attitudes and behaviours within and among their own ethnic groups, for example, Africans and Indians in the contemporary Caribbean.

Justice system's failure
The Twitter account reflects a failure of the justice system to deal with crimes of sexual violence in a ways that enables victims to feel safe in reporting and pursuing a case up to conviction.

THE COMPLETED police file into allegations against a senior officer who has acted as commissioner of police is being sent to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). This move comes 12 days after the said officer was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing by the police service.

Govt, UWI partner on Couva hospital
PRIME Minister Dr Rowley said government is negotiating with UWI to run Couva Hospital as partners and sell services provided to regional entities.

Arima General Hospital officially open

Ministry: Only 19 per cent of SBAs outstanding
"Reports indicate that Form Five and Six students were engaged in all public secondary schools in Trinidad, with the exception of only six schools which have already completed their SBAs." The ministry also provided a breakdown of attendance on Monday

Cops, soldiers to be charged with abuse of homeless man
Jacob added that even before that event occurred, "both police officers were in fact charged for discreditable conduct after an internal investigation was done."

Cops under fire for arresting Chinese woman twice, laying zero charges
As protests continue around the world against racism and police brutality, a few members of the Police Service (TTPS) are being accused of abusing their authority, right here in Trinidad and Tobago

Renewed calls to remove monuments of T&T's 'racist history'

Don't count out Barry
Lee said mounting speculation about the UNC wanting to "offload" some sitting MPs who may be a bit "heavy" to carry into the 2020 general election and beyond, is merely "hearsay and conjecture." "There is a lot of political mischief afoot."

Despite losing Arima pick, Penny still coming home
While People's National Movement (PNM) Arima nominee Pennelope Beckles-Robinson hasn't responded to questions on whether she'll get a flight - and exemption - to return home in time for Arima's screening on Saturday, sources close to her have said she's "coming home nevertheless."

Judge: Court can hear case related to Parliament
In his constitutional claim, Sturge complained that the committee did not meet for almost 20 months and had as "the singular subject of consideration" when it last met on February 21, 2018, the restructuring of Petrotrin. He sought declarations that the failure by the JSC chairman to hold a meeting of the committee for the last 19 months was unlawful.

Maxie unapologetic
PNM: Cuffie's words not our position

Trini leads the charge in US$1m project in Chicago
A Trinidadian living in the US is leading the charge to help rebuild, reimagine and reinvent struggling businesses and communities in Chicago after a businessman recently offered $1 million to the project.

Scientist: Damage to Leatherback nesting sites can affect food supply
"Every year thousands of female and male adult leatherbacks migrate to our waters to breed and we have good evidence from satellite tracking that once they are here, they spend considerable time gathered in large numbers close to shore around northeast Trinidad."

Accelerating towards a Blue Economy
Using the sea for economic gain is not a novel idea in 2010, the global ocean economy was conservatively valued at US$1.5 trillion with a projected increase to over US$3 trillion by 2030.

Electrician accused of beating ex-girlfriend gets bail
An electrician was granted $5,000 own bail when he appeared before a magistrate in the Scarborough Magistrates' Court accused of assault by beating. Kern Duncan, 32, of Bethal, Tobago, pleaded not guilty yesterday to the charge at a virtual hearing in the Scarborough Second Court. The victim is said to be his ex-girlfriend

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