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'Racism fight long overdue'
Posted: Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Black Lives Matter protesters face off with police in Port of Spain
Earlier, the police had irked the crowd by way of an announcement on a megaphone, "You are breaching the 'Covid Act' and making this into a riot." "Riot?" replied several protesters, aghast at the claim. "Comply with social distancing. Let us keep this peaceful," the officer ordered.

'Racism fight long overdue'
SAYING the fight against racism was long overdue, US Ambassador to TT Joseph Mondello made an impromptu visit to a Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally on Monday at the Queen's Park Savannah opposite the US Embassy.

Racial tension, social media outrage and apologies in TT
SOCIAL media has been heavy for the past few weeks owing to the racial tension and protests in the US after the death of George Floyd. But locally, last week, it was one filled with what many users called "public relations fails" and the owners of major businesses "showing their true colours."

Comments of few do not represent Diaspora
As a second-generation Syrian-Trinidadian (my father and both grandfathers are from Syria), I am appalled at the statements of certain third-generation Syrians who have been emboldened to speak with a voice of bigotry and privileged empowerment.

Chocolatier pulls products from Starlite Pharmacy

Black Lives Matter protest - June 8

Deyalsingh: TT not virus-free
"...he said other Caricom territories have seen a spike in cases to over 2,000 cases in a three-week period."

Expert: COVID-19 vaccine in 12-18 months
Dr Christine Carrington, Professor of Molecular Genetics and Virology at the University of the West Indies, said the availability of a vaccine in T&T would depend on the production rates and quantities.

PM: I made enemies by interfering with people's 'meal'
"My grandson asked me one day, 'When (you) go to work, what do you do there?' And I told him I make friends and I make enemies."

PM wants value for money on all state contracts
Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley says even improved and amended procurement legislation would not have helped the Government save over $200 million on the Curepe Interchange project, as even with such legislation there were ways for corrupt politicians to use more taxpayers' money.

Sinanan yet to be paid for Kay Donna land
Sinanan gave the update as the interchange was officially opened yesterday but did not give the figure sought for the land that used to house the Kay Donna Drive-in cinema. However, he said it was "significantly less" than $20 million. "Let me make it abundantly clear, I do have an interest in one of the 34 properties and like all of the landowners in this area, that company had to be treated the same way," Sinanan said.

No clear guidelines for school reopening
AN impromptu poll taken by Social Services and Public Administration Joint Select Committee (JSC) chairman Paul Richards with a group of education stakeholders showed none had received clear guidelines about the reopening of schools in September.

BP to cut 10,000 jobs worldwide; BPTT: Too early to say what happens here
BPTT, in its statement, said the prolonged challenges posed to energy markets as a result of the covid19 pandemic and the demand for affordable, reliable and cleaner energy has led to BP undertaking a global reorganisation. This reorganisation, BPTT said "will create a more focused, highly integrated and leaner organisation."

Justice Seepersad wants full reopening of the courts
"We cannot have an artificial approach to the conduct of justice," he said as he questioned why an essential service like the Judiciary as still operating under restrictions "when everything else is open?" In March, Chief Justice Ivor Archie, in keeping with public health regulations for covid19, issued practice directions for the courts.

UWI St Augustine Campus being prepped for returning students
"We have built out and gone in to the University of the West Indies (UWI), and we are using their halls. The Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force (TTDF) is conducting some minor refurbishment and repairs."

Met issues adverse weather alert due to passage of tropical wave

'Balloon Man' rises slowly

Cops arrest 68 in illegal San Juan gambling den
The Prime Minister also announced that come June 20 he will allow bars, cinemas and many other activities to resume operations. However, he indicated that public gatherings of only up to ten people would be allowed.

Parents of murdered brothers want juustice
THE parents of double murder victims Kelton, 39, and Kenwyn James, 32, who were gunned down on Friday night in Les Coteaux, are placing their faith in the law of the land to get justice.

Tobago man, 60, on sex charges against minor

Freeport cops catch suspects minutes after robbery
The family made a report and police in the area saw a Nissan Tiida and chased it. During the chase the police and the bandits shot at each other.

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