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PM optimistic economy will recover by August 1
Posted: Sunday, June 7, 2020

Places of worship to reopen on Thursday instead
He said, "This will allow for nationwide church celebrations of Corpus Christi which comes on the eve of the originally scheduled reopening date."

Return to worship, PM calls for one-hour services

Public transport back in full force June 22
From Monday, public transport will be able to operate at 75 per cent capacity from Monday and then move to 100 per cent capacity on June 22.

PM optimistic economy will recover by August 1
Prime Minister Dr Rowley said for the second quarter of the year this country's expenses for its social support system increased by $2 billion to meet the growing demand for aid in the fallout of the covid19 pandemic.

Lifestyle Motors adjusts staff too

Road Map committee identifies billion-dollar State construction projects

$40 million-plus wasted on Tobago Hotels
The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) had originally revealed that the properties were purchased in 2015 for $32 million. The cost has now escalated by more than 20 per cent or $7.05 million as there has been ongoing payment for security and maintenance work since its purchase five years ago.

PM on Black Lives Matter protests: We too have lessons to learn
Dr Rowley, initiating the message of a popular local saying, 'when your brother's house is on fire, wet yours', said there's much to learn from what's happening abroad.

Murder toll nears 200 mark
...3 double murders in less than 24 hours

PM: Opening borders not an election issue
"The Constitution determines how and when an election can be called and it has nothing to do with the foibles of any Opposition Leader. Secondly, our decisions with respect to our health as inscribed in our protection granted by the public health ordinance, is the law of TT," he said during a press conference at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann's. "And all those who believe they own the courthouse and that is where they will conduct their politics, they are free to do so and I would not be fazed by the threats of the Opposition Leader."

Rowley: People's health comes first in the pandemic

Moonilal: People want to come home to vote
"It is a dangerous path to deny them their constitutional right to vote for a government of their choice," Moonilal said on Saturday as he accused the Government of using the "lockdown for political objectives."

Young: 600 to 1,000 nationals expected home this week
In a press conference this afternoon, Minister Young says that while the government is still being tempered with the granting of exemptions, an influx is likely in the next few weeks.

Young: Thousands of requests for border exemptions

No funeral for Hindu woman until son comes home
On May 14, King Fook's mother, Judy Maharaj died two days after her 55th birthday from ischemic heart disease and coronary atherosclerosis.

Prakash: TT nationals homeless abroad
He claimed they were "facing all forms of torture; in terms of their physical health, the lack of medical attention, the lack of money to buy food and in some cases even to be homeless."

Cruise ship musicians overjoyed to go home after quarantine
Cheerful about reuniting face-to-face with relatives for the first time since being stranded at sea for over two months, a cruise ship musician likened the feeling to that of preparing to go to popular Carnival fete

Lincoln Douglas resigns from COP, leader questions timing
Seepersad-Bachan said she believes Dr Douglas' resignation precedes a political move. The COP leader responded to allegations that she and her executive had done nothing to move the party forward. She countered that Dr Douglas has been an inactive member of the party, and has had no involvement in the party's "new vision".

PCA uncovers new info on senior cop's accounts
The PCA have gathered more information than a team of police who were assigned to investigate allegations of wrongdoing against Hackshaw.? The PCA launched its own investigation in early March.

Lovell vows to help Gypsy defeat 'insane' UNC
"There is always the case where someone is selected or not selected and there is some disaffection. That is normal. It happens everywhere, every time. But the choice for this country is clear couldn't be more crystal. You have one party sane, one party insane. Take your pick."

Zika babies need help
Rachel Patrick was unaware she had contracted the Zika virus while pregnant with her third child two years ago. Though terrified when she found out, the Gasparillo mother of two other young children was forced to buckle down quickly to give her newborn the love and care she deserves.

Save a 100-million-year-old legacy (and more)
"SpeSeas recognises that negative environmental impacts are to be expected with any development project, and that the benefits and costs must be weighed. However, in our assessment, the development and operation of the proposed project will result in significant negative impacts, including on the local, regional, and global environment, that are not commensurate with the proposed benefits. For example, the destruction of an important and unique reef system, and severe consequences to turtle populations in the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean. In light of this, in our assessment, the development of the proposed Toco Port is not acceptable and should not move forward."

Man shot dead after pointing gun at police
Police chased him and he allegedly pulled out a gun and pointed it at the officers who shot him and took him to the Port of Spain General Hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

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